Recognizing a School Health Champion: Jean Armstrong

We first discovered Jean Armstrong three years ago, when our School Programs Manager Sara toured Corpus Christi ISD to get feedback on our Teach Healthier curricula. Throwback to when we first became IT’S TIME TEXAS and before Teach Healthier was a mobile app, when the lessons were in print form. “Jean was our last stop,” Sara recalls. “We asked what … Read More

National Nutrition Month: 3 Tips for Mindful Eating!

Mindful Eating

Many of us are used to eating our meals as quickly as possible so we can get back to work, school, or other activities. IT’S TIME to change our mindsets! Make your meals a priority in your day as a time to unwind, clear your mind, and nourish your body. Mindful eating is learning to eat with attention and intention. … Read More

Stay Hydrated with Mobile Apps!

Examples- Food for Thought (6)

  If you are looking for a way  these apps are for you! There are many ways to track your water intake, but mobile apps are great for those who love technology! Aqualert (iTunes & Google Play) Aqualert tracks your daily water intake based on your gender, weight, and activity level. It lets you know how much water you should … Read More

Trophy Club, Texas: The Name Says It All!


This small, Texas town is in it to win it! Since day one of the Community Challenge, Trophy Club encouraged their community to get active and earn points. This is the first time they’ve participated in the Challenge, and they aren’t messing around. We spoke with Tiffany Nimphius, a Trophy Club resident, to learn more about her experience so far. … Read More

Woah, We’re Halfway There! Community Challenge Midpoint Rundown


We’re six weeks into the 2017 Community Challenge, marking the halfway point, and we are truly blown away by what Texans are doing to step up. This year’s Challenge has already received more registered users and more mayor pledges than ever before, and participants representing more than 300 Texas communities have collectively lost 7,000 pounds since January 9th! Take that, holiday weight gain. … Read More

Give Your Valentine the Gift of Health!

Give Your Valentine the Gift of Health!

Flowers, cards and gifts are great ways to show we care, but how can we make a lasting impact on the lives of our loved ones? Try these three tips to help your friends, family and significant others each day as they strive to reach their health goals. Help Them Shop and Cook Offer to go to the grocery store … Read More

Meet, Beth! An IT’S TIME TEXAS Employee With a Personal Success Story


Beth Michel joined the IT’S TIME TEXAS team in 2016 as our events & initiatives coordinator. She won us over with her spunky energy, great style, and attention to detail, and we were blown away by her personal success story. Here’s a bit about Beth and how she’s managed to become an infinitely healthier and happier person over the past two … Read More

Meet Our Teach Healthier After School Manager! A Q&A With Angel Toscano


Angel Toscano, our Teach Healthier After School manager, has been with IT’S TIME TEXAS since he was an intern with our after school program back in 2009! Eight years later, He now oversees the implementation of Teach Healthier After School at nearly 30 Title I Austin area schools. Since Angel knows our after school program better than anyone, we asked … Read More

Our Tips to Have a Healthy Holiday Season!


The holiday season has arrived, and with it comes the chance to eat lots of high-calorie treats and do lots of lounging. Everybody likes to indulge, especially this time of year, but the greatest gift you can give yourself is to stay on track with your health goals! Healthy Holiday Activities: Holiday Themed Workouts– Whether it’s Christmas Yoga Poses for Kids, … Read More

How Can We Be Both? The Hunger Obesity Paradox Explained

Healthy vs unhealthy shopping trolleys

An seemingly contradictory phenomenon has taken hold in the US: the simultaneous prevalence of obesity and hunger in our population, especially among low-income Americans. How is it possible that we have large groups of people who are both hungry and overweight? Many studies have attempted to answer this question and the results have varied, but a few findings have been consistent across the … Read More

Tips to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is usually focused on two things: giving thanks, and eating a whole lot, but Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be all about stuffing yourself! Here are ideas for you, your family, and friends can have a tasty Thanksgiving while getting active and staying healthy: Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes:  Healthy Turkey Trays– Get festive AND healthy with these fruit platters shaped like … Read More

How to Have a Healthy and Happy Halloween!


  Halloween is just around the corner, which means we’ll soon be inundated with more sugary sweets and treats than we’ll know what to do with. But Halloween doesn’t have to be all about candy. Here are some tips and ideas to keep your Halloween happy AND healthy! Trick-or Treating Tips: Ration candy consumption– Don’t let your kids, or yourself, gorge on … Read More

Creating a Self Care Routine on a Budget!


When we think about self-care we often think about paying for a service like a massage. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of getting professional massages on a regular basis. Also, we often don’t think about the other areas of our lives that need our attention, such as our mind and spirit. Creating a self-care routine doesn’t have to be … Read More

Texas Walks 2016: Tips to Organize Your Walk!


Thank you for pledging to walk with us and all Texans on Friday, October 28th for 10 minutes at 10am in support of healthier communities! Thousands of Texans are planning to walk, and there’s still plenty of time to encourage your networks to join in. The graphics, sample posts, and email template on the website make sharing easy! No matter where you’ll … Read More