About It's Time Texas

It's Time Texas is a non-profit organization composed of innovators, opinion leaders, and an army of motivated Texans.
Together, we’re building a healthier state.
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Why It's Time

Unhealthy has become our new normal.

More than two-thirds of Texas adults and one-third of Texas children are overweight or obese. The situation has led to epidemics of preventable chronic diseases that erode our quality of life while piling on billions in associated healthcare costs. The worsening health crisis is one that we cannot afford and have limited time to fix. Yet, the causes are so complex and widespread that no single intervention will reverse it.

At It’s Time Texas, we recognize that solving the health crisis requires a collaborative, multilayered approach that addresses the individual, cultural, organizational, community and policy factors that influence the extent to which people have access and opportunities to lead healthier lives.

The good news is that there is a growing movement of people, organizations, and institutions committed to creating a culture of health in the Lone Star State. We exist to champion that movement. By uniting and mobilizing our collective efforts, we can create a thriving future for our families, our communities, and our state.

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Our Mission

We believe that Texas is best when Texans are healthy. That’s why we’re championing the movement to create a culture of health in the Lone Star State. Our programs, events, and partnerships empower all Texans to lead healthier lives, build healthier communities, and contribute to a healthier state.
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Our Team

Our Leadership

Amy McGeady, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Amy McGeady, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Amy McGeady is the Chief Executive Officer of It’s Time Texas, where she leads the organization’s efforts to make health and wellness a way of life and strives to build a Texas where everyone has the opportunity to prioritize health and lead their best life.

Amy joined It’s Time Texas in 2016 as the organization’s Chief Strategy Officer, and succeeded the organization’s founder to become Chief Executive Officer in 2019. She works with partners, supporters, funders, and community leaders throughout the state to develop and implement strategies that improve the health status of Texans and advance health equity. Under her leadership, It’s Time Texas has secured $24 million to expand its presence and impact across the state. She leads the organization’s efforts to engage a diverse board of directors and to attract and retain diverse staff to lead the organization’s growth and evolution.

Prior to joining It’s Time Texas, Amy led a successful career in proposal management and business development, earning recognition as both a thought leader and key contributor to the global industry and as the co-owner of one of Austin’s fastest growing startups. Over 15 years, she has won dozens of multi-million dollar contracts and helped companies across diverse industries secure billions of dollars in business. Amy has facilitated strategy sessions and delivered presentations and trainings to proposal professionals worldwide.

Amy holds doctorate and master’s degrees in political science and public policy from Purdue University, and a bachelor’s degree in government from the University of Texas at Austin. She has served on several nonprofit boards of directors and accidentally become somewhat of an expert on founder transitions – leading two founder transitions as a board member and succeeding a founder herself at It’s Time Texas. Amy and her husband, John, have two nearly-grown children and love to travel, swim, camp, and play board games and cards with family and friends.

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We use social media to share resources, tools, and information to help you, your family, and your friends live healthy lives. It’s also a great way to join and connect with a growing network of Texans committed to making living healthy easier in our great state!

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