About It's Time Texas

It’s Time Texas is a statewide nonprofit working to bring people, organizations and communities together to take action that supports health for all, now and for generations to come.

We believe where you live should not determine how long you live. That’s why we’re working to reduce the risk of preventable diseases while increasing access to health for all Texans.

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Why It's Time

Unhealthy has become our new normal.

More than two-thirds of Texas adults and one-third of Texas children are overweight or obese. The situation has led to epidemics of preventable chronic diseases that erode our quality of life while piling on billions in associated healthcare costs. The worsening health crisis is one that we cannot afford and have limited time to fix. Yet, the causes are so complex and widespread that no single intervention will reverse it.

At It’s Time Texas, we recognize that solving the health crisis requires a collaborative, multilayered approach that addresses the individual, cultural, organizational, community and policy factors that influence the extent to which people have access and opportunities to lead healthier lives.

The good news is that there is a growing movement of people, organizations, and institutions committed to creating a culture of health in the Lone Star State. We exist to champion that movement. By uniting and mobilizing our collective efforts, we can create a thriving future for our families, our communities, and our state.

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Our Mission

To save lives, while reducing the incidence of preventable disease and increasing access to health for all Texans.
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Our Vision

Every Texan has equitable access to a long, happy, and healthy life.
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Our Team

Executive Team

Jamie Williams, CEO, It's Time Texas
Jamie Williams
Chief Executive Officer
Nathaniel Aranda
Nathaniel Aranda
Vice President of Marketing and Development
Kara Hanaoka
Kara Hanaoka
Vice President of Impact
Lonnicia Maxwell
Lonnicia Maxwell
Senior Vice President of Operations

Jamie Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Jamie Williams, Chief Executive Officer

It’s Time Texas, a statewide non-profit focused on empowering Texans to lead healthier lives through community-focused initiatives, has announced that Jamie Williams will be the new CEO beginning August 26, 2022. Williams, the current Vice President of Development, will take over following Dr. Amy McGeady’s leave.

Williams joined It’s Time Texas in June 2021 and has spent the majority of her professional career helping organizations achieve health equity. She has a breadth of previous experience leading teams at national voluntary health organizations, including Susan G. Komen. This, combined with her experience at It’s Time Texas, position her uniquely for this role.

“Jamie has a passion for health equity and a pragmatic approach to solving tough problems. Bringing these skills together has allowed her to deliver strong value working with non-profits in the communities that they serve,” said Pratish Kanani, board chair of It’s Time Texas. “As we continue to strive for a healthier Texas, we look forward to Jamie’s leadership in this role.”

“I am thrilled with our board’s decision to select Jamie as It’s Time Texas’ next CEO,” added McGeady. “Jamie is a visionary leader who will continue to take the organization forward in championing health for all Texans.”

In addition to leading the development team, Jamie has been instrumental in spearheading the 2022 Healthier Texas Summit, where health care and public health professionals from across the state will unite to transform health in Texas. She has played a key role in the organization’s impact strategy and vision for using multiple platforms to empower community leaders throughout Texas to be champions for healthy change.

“I’m so humbled by the opportunity to lead It’s Time Texas in its mission to advance health for all Texans,” said Williams. “It’s Time Texas has the unique capability to convene change-makers and drive innovations to solve public health crises across the state. By empowering health champions to address the policies and systems that impact health in the places we live, work and play, we will reduce the chronic disease incidence that is robbing Texans of years of health, happiness, family and fellowship.”

McGeady, who has been the chief executive officer since 2019, will depart August 25, 2022, to take on a leadership role with a national professional services proposal development firm. Prior to working with It’s Time Texas, McGeady built and owned her own proposal writing company. During her time as CEO, McGeady led the organization through the unanticipated events of the global pandemic, secured $12.5M in government contracts and $1.3M in grants, and led the development of a community grant program that awarded $400,000 to community partners whose work is advancing health equity in cities across Texas.

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Our Services

It's Time Texas is a nonprofit committed to addressing health inequities across the state of Texas. We believe where you live should not determine how long you live. That’s why we’re working to reduce the risk of preventable diseases while increasing access to health for all Texans.
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    Free Telehealth Coaching

    Free, confidential assistance is just a call, text, or video chat away. Available in English and Spanish, our certified health coaches provide personalized, one-on-one support – built around your life – to help you set and achieve health goals, establish and maintain healthier habits, and prevent and manage chronic conditions. The Telehealth Coaching Services offered by It’s Time Texas in Fort Worth and the Rio Grande Valley are funded in part through the generous support of H-E-B.

  • Yogalites
    Free Fitness & Nutrition Classes

    It’s Time Texas offers free fitness and nutrition classes to all Texans and all fitness levels! Formats include Zumba, yoga, MixxedFit and more. Classes are available in English and Spanish.

  • 2023 Community Challenge Winners
    The Community Challenge

    It’s Time Texas Community Challenge unites Texans from across the state to build a healthier Texas. This free eight-week competition challenges Texans to develop simple healthy habits like eating healthy, exercising, and staying hydrated because our everyday choices shape our health and our future. Great work to all of the 2024 challenge participants! TEXAS, you showed up and made 2024 the best Community Challenge yet!

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    School Health Improvement Plans

    At It’s Time Texas, we aim to create a shared value around health and support school districts as they work to enact strategies focused on improving the health and wellness of their educators, staff, students, and families.

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    It’s Time Texas provides a diverse set of toolkits to support organizations and communities with resources to build capacity while mobilizing efforts to implement healthy change.

  • A family preparing a healthy meal together
    Health Education Resources

    It’s Time Texas works to build healthier lives and healthier communities across Texas through interactive programming and educational materials. We encourage you to utilize our health education materials as a resource and as personal support throughout your health journey.

  • Fuerza Unida Event
    Collaborative Innovations for Community Health

    Through the generosity of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® grant, It’s Time Texas awarded eight sub-grants totaling $300,000 to community-based organizations who are able to mobilize and rapidly deploy resources where they are needed most within four designated areas of Texas.

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    Move Your Way

    The Move Your Way campaign allowed It’s Time Texas to develop a framework for building capacity within communities to ensure health campaigns are not only evidence-based but are community-led, culturally responsive, and meeting health literacy standards.

  • Two women having a conversation at the 2023 Healthier Texas Summit in Austin, TX
    Healthier Texas Summit

    Join us for the Healthier Texas Summit, where leading voices in public health convene to address community challenges and opportunities for change. Connect, share ideas, and build relationships essential for a healthier Texas. Earn continuing education credits for CHES, CHW noncertified, and K-12 Educators. Don’t miss this transformative event shaping the future of public health in Texas and beyond.

    • The Community Challenge

      The It’s Time Texas Community Challenge is back and stronger than ever for 2022! For eight weeks, Texans come together as individuals, employers, communities, and schools to engage in a friendly health competition. Learn more and sign up today!
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    • Free Telehealth Coaching

      As a mission-driven organization, we’re committed to making health coaching available to any Texan ready to make healthy change. There’s no cost and no pressure to commit. So give us a call and see for yourself the difference it can make in your life.
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    • Virtual Fitness Classes

      We're proud to offer free, virtual group exercise classes in Spanish and English.
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    • Collaborative Innovations for Community Health

      Through the generosity of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® grant, It’s Time Texas awarded eight sub-grants totaling $300,000 to community-based organizations who are able to mobilize and rapidly deploy resources where they are needed most within four designated areas of Texas.
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    • SHAC Support

      The SHAC-in-Action: Partnering for Healthy Kids project helps initiate, enhance, and support SHACs throughout the state of Texas! Access tools and resources to put your SHAC in actions!
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    • The Healthier Texas Summit

      A premier population health conference, the Healthier Texas Summit offers informative sessions and interactive workshops, with education credits available for numerous professions.
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    • Community Lab

      It’s Time Texas’ Community Lab is an innovative, web-based forum providing FREE, interactive training and support to CHCs & SHACS throughout Texas. Each month, Community Lab members will have the opportunity to make social connections with peers, learn best practices from experts in the field, and receive peer-to peer feedback on their collaborative’s work.
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    • Regional Workshop Series

      A collaboration between It’s Time Texas, SNAP-Ed, and regional constituents, the It’s Time Texas Regional Workshop Series aims to empower local health champions with the skills, knowledge, resources, and connections to improve health within their schools, workplaces, and communities.
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      Transforming Lives with Telehealth Coaching

      "Your follow ups have been key in keeping me on track. Because of your Telehealth Coaching, I have been able to stay off of medicine. I thank you so much. You are a real blessing to come into this time of my life."
      - Thomas Y.

      "It's Time Texas and its free Telehealth Coaching program has been great for me! Natalie, my Telehealth Coach, has been so kind, supportive and helpful. We meet 1-3 times a month to celelbrate 'wins' and 'not wins' and to discuss short-term health goals. It helps to have someone in your corner to provide support and accountability."

      - Rachel P. | Harlin ISD
      "Having a call each week helps keep the ball rolling. Its amazing that this service is free!"
      - Shirley B.
      "You are my biggest cheer leader, probably my only cheer leader. You have no idea how much I appreciate you and the impact you have on my life."
      - Koretta T.
      "I'm so glad my doctor referred me to these phone calls. They are very helpful. I've had diabetes for 10 years and I'm learning so much now with these calls...I like that you listen and give me ideas on what to eat. The way you talk to us, I feel like I can be open to you and not feel bad about it. It is a positive thing all around."
      - Paula C.

        Stay Connected

        We use social media to share resources, tools, and information to help you, your family, and your friends live healthy lives. It’s also a great way to join and connect with a growing network of Texans committed to making living healthy easier in our great state!