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IT’S TIME TEXAS empowers Texans to lead healthier lives and build healthier communities.

IT’S TIME TEXAS empowers Texans to lead healthier lives and build healthier communities.

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Unhealthy has become the new normal. Chronic diseases associated with unhealthy lifestyles and communities have reached epidemic proportions in the U.S., and the related costs threaten to bankrupt our country and way of life.

IT’S TIME to make healthy easier.

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We’ve created a variety of tools, resources, initiatives, and events to help you and your friends, family, and community live healthier. From the state’s premier healthy communities conference and a one-of-its-kind statewide health competition, to free mobile apps and personalized health planning, we’ve got you covered!

Community Challenge

This 8-week competition unites and mobilizes schools, businesses, organizations, community members, and mayors toward the common goal of transforming your community’s health. The 2021 challenge will begin January 4th and run through February 28th.

Choose Healthier

Our free Choose Healthier Mobile App, created in collaboration with Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, is the easiest way to both share and promote healthy activities and events near you! Download the app for your phone or tablet today!

Building a Culture of Health in Texas

The White Paper

Massive shifts in consumption and activity patterns over the past three decades have led to increased rates of obesity and related chronic diseases. We’re proud to share the first-of-its-kind white paper that explores the current culture of health and its impact on us all. Learn more.


What are you doing to improve your health or the health of your family, workplace, or larger community? We want to share your story with the rest of Texas and connect you with resources that can make your work even more powerful! Learn more!


Why is Stretching Important?

  Whether you step into the gym, go outside for a run, or head to a cycle class, an important component to getting a great workout in, is to always stretch before you start and after you finish your sweat session. For some reason, stretching is often times overlooked or not done—maybe you don’t want to spend time doing it, … Read More

#TastyTuesday Brighter Bites Cauliflower Ceviche

  The 2022 Community Challenge is in full swing! As we head into week two, our friends at Brighter Bites shared a delicious, low-cost, healthy recipe you can cook to enjoy this week. Check out below to see how to make your very own Cauliflower Ceviche, and post your healthy meal on the Community Challenge app to earn points! Cauliflower … Read More

Traditions of Health: 12 Days of Self-Care

  For many, the holiday season means planning and taking care of others. We fill our days with our regular hustle and bustle, and our evenings wrapping, decorating, and cooking. However, the busyness of the holiday season leaves little time to slow down and take care of oneself.   During this time of year, we encourage you and all of … Read More

Equity in Action: Utilizing a Diversified & Inclusive Framework for Systemic Change

  In the wake of the COVID pandemic, health equity has been pushed to the forefront. People living in low-income communities were hit hard by the successive waves of COVID, catastrophic natural disasters, and the trauma of isolation. The impact of the last two years will be generational unless we work more intentionally on meeting the unique needs of each … Read More


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We use social media to share resources, tools, and information to help you, your family, and your friends live healthy lives. It’s also a great way to join and connect with a growing network of Texans committed to making living healthy easier in our great state!