Partnering and Collaborating Across Sectors During a Crisis

collaborating across sectors

As communities grapple with the effects of a global pandemic, organizational leaders are being called upon to think of new approaches to providing essential services, protecting vulnerable populations, and fostering community resilience. On June 30, as part of our Healthier Texas Summit Series, It’s Time Texas CEO Amy McGeady spoke with four Texas thought leaders who have been exceptionally creative … Read More

Who do you wear a mask for?

By Dr. Lourdes Rodriguez, Senior Programs Officer, St. David’s Foundation In moments of crisis, information is critical. We must pay attention and learn how needs change over time – often day by day or even hour by hour. We learn by watching the news, listening to neighbors and community leaders and from the communities affected early in the pandemic – … Read More

Community Lab: Examining Health Disparities in the Context of COVID-19

health disparities

These past four months have been uniquely challenging times for our communities. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has required us all to adapt to new norms and adjust to the notion that life will never be the same. The pandemic has also exposed new and existing health disparities, requiring us to think critically about how we would like to shape … Read More

Creativity and Cross-Sector Collaboration in a Pandemic

get shift done model of cross-sector collaboration

By Patrick Brandt, Co-founder, Get Shift Done and President, Shiftsmart It was after the Friday, March 13th press conference when the federal government declared a State of Emergency surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, that I had an “aha” moment during a conversation with a friend of mine, Anurag Jain, who is very active in the Dallas business and philanthropic communities. I … Read More

The Healthier Texas Summit Moves Online

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We are living in a uniquely challenging time. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has raised new public health concerns, while magnifying existing social, economic, and environmental issues impacting the health and well-being of Texans. Like many of you, we have responded to the current moment by exploring new ways of delivering programs and services to reach people where they are. … Read More

A Message from It’s Time Texas CEO Amy McGeady

As a leader and a person, I must start with myself. I want to acknowledge that not being a racist is not enough. Only by becoming an antiracist will I move from good intentions to the bold action necessary to advance racial equity and social justice. I have a lot to learn, and am committed to listening deeply and learning from … Read More

Change the Profession – Graduating Active Students

A red schoolhouse painted green may look different, but nothing has changed internally.

Author: Robert Pangrazi, Educational Specialist, Gopher Sport and developer of Dynamic PE ASAP People often say change is good. We have all heard that the only constant is change. Yet, when I look at our profession, the change I often see is surface change. For example, changing the schedule of a school, or a new seating arrangement, or new PE … Read More

#TexansThrive: Staying Connected at a Distance

In these strange days of social distancing, it’s so important to remember that we’re not alone. Like a lot of others who have made the transition to working remotely over the past couple of weeks, our team is experimenting with new ways to collaborate and stay connected. On Slack, which we use for team communications, we’ve started a #random channel … Read More

What is Chronic Kidney Disease and Are You at Risk?

You’ve likely heard of health risks like diabetes and high blood pressure, but what about chronic kidney disease? Most people are unaware of this disease, despite it being a common ailment. Approximately 37 million American adults—more than 1 in 7—have chronic kidney disease, putting their health at risk. Furthermore, 9 in 10 adults who have this condition don’t even know … Read More

Community Challenge Talk: Meet Ten Inspiring Texans

Year after year, one of the things we love most about the Community Challenge is the incredible sense of camaraderie. When you’re working hard at something, it can help to know that you’re not alone in what you’re trying to accomplish. Here, participants in the 2020 Community Challenge talk about what inspired them to get involved, where it gets hard, … Read More

No-Heat Beef Lunch Box Ideas for Every Age

By: Jennifer Fisher, The Fit Fork, on behalf of Beef Loving Texans Back to school season means a return to the lunch making grind. Make it less of a chore and less of a bore with these tasty and practical ideas for No-Heat Beef Lunch Box Ideas for Every Age. Toddler & Preschool Lunch Boxes Eating with a fork is so … Read More

Community Challenge Hacks: Intern Edition

It’s Time Texas intern Jaelyn Valero shares how to get 800 points a day in the 2020 Community Challenge Over the past few weeks, our support inbox has received a lot of questions on how to be a tough competitor in the Community Challenge – especially when you’re working with limited hours in the day. As a fulltime student and … Read More

Telltale signs you’re competing in the Community Challenge

Have your dinner parties suddenly started to incorporate a lot more cardio? Are half of your photos just you next to a bowl of grapefruit? If so, chances are you’re competing in the Community Challenge. As we pass the halfway mark and head into Week 5, here’s a roundup of dead giveaways from our 2020 participants. Your Super Bowl snacks … Read More

From mindless munching to family feasts: Unpacking emotional eating

If you’ve ever watched a food commercial (or simply walked upright), you’ve probably picked up on the idea that eating isn’t always about physical hunger. At different times, we may use food as a comfort, incentive, distraction, or reward. Maybe you’ve raided the fridge after a stressful day at work or munched your way through a box of cereal while … Read More

5 Tips on Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food in the New Year

Chicken Fajitas - Beef Loving Texans

By: Hawley Poinsett, MS, RDN, LD for Beef Loving Texans Everyday we are inundated with information about the best new way to get healthy or lose weight, but during the New Year it is simply overwhelming. One report may tell you that the Mediterranean Diet is the best diet for heart health, while another claims that going “clean” and vegan … Read More