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February 15, 2019

Swap The Sugar After Valentine’s Day

With February in full swing, people tend to fall into patterns of over indulgence when it comes to sugar. This Valentine’s Day, why not show a little love to the most important person in your life, yourself! Swap the sugar for a healthy and sweet treat. Our Living Healthier coaches have given us few ways you can love your body this February!

A close up of whole strawberries in cups.

Healthy DIY Desserts

Show your wallet some love and avoid store bought baked goods! Although it might be easier to grab a box of cookies on your way out of H-E-B, making your own at home will be worth the wait. There are plenty of recipes online that allow room for healthy sugar substitutes. For example, in your cake batter, try replacing ⅔ of the sugar with 100% no sugar added applesauce! Your cake will come out softer, healthier, and just as delicious!

Swap the Sugar for a Fun Fruit Basket

Ditch the old box of chocolates cliche and enjoy an edible fruit arrangement with someone special instead! Fruit is brighter, more colorful, and makes a fun table piece during the holidays. Or indulge in chocolate strawberries without ruining your new year’s health kick.

Life is Like a Box Of Chocolates

For many people, sweets are synonymous with chocolate. If chocolate is an absolute must for you, go for dark chocolate.Studies show that dark chocolate can lower your risk for heart disease. Try a fun new variety like dark chocolate with hints of orange or delicious berries! Another option is to try this sweet potato chocolate mousse. The sweet potato provides the perfect texture and natural sweetener for the desert, on top of being easy to prepare!

Celebrate those you love and maintain your healthy habits this February. You don’t have to ban sweets, just remember our tips and spread the love! And if you need help maintaining a healthy lifestyle this February call the Living Healthier hotline! They’re available Monday-Friday, 9am to 6pm, to help coach you in your healthy goals! Call the hotline at 844-262-6224!

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