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June 23, 2017

The Power of Healthy Competition: Work Healthier Challenge

Team “Vatos Tacos” from Hunt Regional Medical Center

Employees across the state of Texas are demonstrating their commitment to health by participating in our Work Healthier Challenge, powered by HealthyWage. The Challenge started on May 1st and runs through July 31st. The team with the greatest percentage of weight loss will win $10,000. Now, that’s a serious incentive! 

“We could not be more thankful for the opportunity to partner with HealthyWage and combine our great efforts to improve health in a big way across the state of Texas,” says Ben Clutter, director of employer relations at IT’S TIME TEXAS. “Both organizations share a similar mission and passion for helping people live healthy and happy lives. I previously worked with HealthyWage during my time at Halliburton, and we were confident that the Work Healthier Challenge would make a positive impact across a diverse range of populations, cultures, and industries. So far, it is proving successful!”

HealthyWage has created workplace wellness challenges for Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, health systems, insurers, school systems, and municipal governments throughout the United States. Their innovative program aids in preventing and reducing chronic, lifestyle health risks related to overweight and obesity issues.

Team “Mod C Extreme Makeover Edition” from Christus Trinity Mother Frances Hospital

“Our financial incentive-based approach to motivate weight loss is proven effective,” says HealthyWage Co-Founder Jimmy Fleming. “In fact, participants in previous cash prize-fueled HealthyWage team contests have lost on average 5% of their body weight. Like other contests throughout the United States, the Work Healthier Challenge will be a fun and effective way to mobilize the community around health and wellness.”

It’s true, the Work Healthier Challenge is mobilizing the community to get physically active and make healthier choices. With a set start and end date, the Challenge eliminates the tendency to procrastinate or call it quits before accomplishing a goal. Team members encourage each other from start to finish and hold each other accountable along the way.

According to a proven study from ACAP Health, losing 5% of your body weight can reduce Metabolic Syndrome health risks by more than 50%, and research from the American Diabetes Association shows that losing 7% of your body weight can reduce the risk of developing Type II Diabetes by 58%. By participating in the Work Healthier Challenge, Texans are on the right track to making major health improvements.

Team “New Harvest 5” from New Harvest Ministries

With just over a month left in the competition, Work Healthier Challenge participants are already down about 7.1 pounds each! In total, they’ve lost more than 5,200 pounds, with many more to shed. In addition to the health benefits of participating in the Work Healthier Challenge, individuals are boosting their confidence to meet and exceed their health and wellness goals. This sense of achievement can light the fire to continue healthier habits for a lifetime.

“We are thrilled, and thankful for the employers that took this first step with us, and even more so for our Work Healthier Challenge participants,” says Ben. “We can’t wait to hear about the health benefits each team achieves in the end, and we look forward to discussing how we can make the Challenge even more effective next year.”

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