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May 18, 2017

Work Healthier Challenge Spotlight: New Harvest Ministries

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are participating in a healthy competition this month through July! Our Work Healthier Challenge, powered by HealthyWage, is an innovative health improvement challenge targeting all employers across the state of Texas. The Work Healthier Challenge was developed to help prevent and reduce chronic, lifestyle health risks related to overweight and obesity issues. Building a healthier workplace is the right move for businesses and organizations, and the Work Healthier Challenge is here to help!

Texas employers invite their staff to form a team of five for the competition. The team with the greatest percentage of weight loss over the course of three months will win $10,000! Other prizes and giveaways are awarded to participants throughout the competition in addition to the grand prize.

New Harvest Ministries in Brownsville didn’t hesitate when they learned about the Work Healthier Challenge. Tina Ruiz, a pastor at New Harvest Ministries, knew that this was the perfect opportunity to commit to healthy lifestyle changes. After our Regional Coordinator Cindy Salazar-Collier presented the Work Healthier Challenge to the congregation, they had five people sign up and others volunteered as coaches and cheerleaders. They even have a team name – “New Harvest 5…Mission POSSIBLE!”

The team created a GroupMe to keep each other motivated throughout the Challenge. They send inspirational quotes, photos of their meals, Fitbit steps, and more! Together, New Harvest 5 encourages one another to stick to their fitness and health goals.

Team member Elias Manyas says, “This challenge has made me push myself to the limit and it feels great!” The Work Healthier Challenge is only in its third week, and the New Harvest 5 can feel the positive changes within themselves and see how their healthy choices are influencing others.

Tina calls the Work Healthier Challenge, “contagious,” in a good way of course! She explains, “My daughter and family in Colorado are starting a ‘Family Challenge’ of their own. Our daughter in Missouri has gathered all of her extended family and have also started a challenge. I know when people start seeing results of our lifestyle change, they will want to know what we are doing….and we will share the good news!”

The best part of the Work Healthier Challenge for me is seeing my loved ones get motivated to change their eating habits because they see me changing,” says Gisela. “ It pumps me up knowing that I am doing something that is beneficial for my health and at the same time, I am inspiring others.”

Tina quotes, “A thousand mile journey began with the first step.” The Work Healthier Challenge is that first step for many participants. The Challenge provides incentives and tools to make healthy lifestyle changes easier for each team member. Tina says that her favorite part of the Work Healthier Challenge is spreading the word and helping others achieve their goals.

Best of luck to the New Harvest 5 and all of the other teams participating in the Work Healthier Challenge! We look forward to hearing more about your health and fitness journeys.

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