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July 5, 2017

Meet Hector! Q&A with a Living Healthier Coach


Whether you’re managing a diabetes or pre-diabetes diagnosis, looking to reach a healthier weight, or seeking healthy opportunities for yourself or your family, the Living Healthier Hotline coaches can help! Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm, anybody can call the hotline number (1-844-26COACH) for free support and access to information, referrals for healthy resources and opportunities, and one-on-one health coaching. We sat down with Hector, one of our coaches, for a Q & A session to learn a little more about him and the hotline!

Q1: Where were you born and raised before coming to Austin?

“I was born in Mexico City and raised in Atizapan de Zaragoza, a suburb near the busy city.”

Q2: Who/what inspires you to live healthier?

“The feeling of accomplishment of how I managed to change my life. I was at one point very obese and depressed. I had the support of my family and friends, who still cheer for me to this day. Healthier feels better to me than how I felt before.”

Q3: What does it mean to provide motivational coaching for those looking to live healthier?

“It is being the friend that will encourage and motivate the caller. I try to be understanding and compassionate towards their needs, applauding their successes at every step of their journey.”

Q4: What kinds of questions and/or concerns are you able to help people with?

“It could be from ideas about how to become more active to how to cook things in a different way. I love to cook and play with ingredients, which comes in handy when someone states, ‘I dislike broccoli. How can I make it tasty?'”

Q5: What are some of the most common questions you receive? Are there difficulties you’ve noticed people commonly face when trying to live healthier?

“A common trend is feeling that there aren’t enough hours in the day to be active. We try to help the person find those extra 30 minutes of activity so they can invest in their well-being. Another common challenge is access to healthy food, or at times, not knowing what is healthy for them. We share information from reputable resources to help in these situations.”

Q6: What would you say to someone who is unsure about using the Living Healthier Coach Hotline? 

“Give us a call to find out more. We aren’t bossy or judgemental. We are here to help you achieve your goals in a friendly and kind way!”

Q7: What do you enjoy most about being a Living Healthier Coach? 

“I love to hear someone get excited about the changes in their life. There is a spark in their voices when they succeed, and that makes me feel happy to help others.”

Thanks for answering our questions, Hector! TheLiving Healthier Hotline is available in both English and Spanish and is completely free for anybody to use. If you’ve been thinking about making health a greater priority in your life, don’t hesitate, call today.

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