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June 18, 2019

How Edgar Used Health Coaching to Control Diabetes

Edgar wanted to participate in health coaching to control diabetes, lose weight, and make a healthy lifestyle change. Since first calling the Living Healthier hotline in 2018, Edgar has faced some challenges in meeting his health goals. But he has overcome them by setting goals with his health coach and talking about those goals every other week. Keep reading to learn more about how Edgar has taken control of his diabetes and found a purpose through his new healthy lifestyle!A selfie of a man with a white beard and red t-shirt stands in his kitchen with low-carb tortillas.

How Edgar Used Health Coaching to Control Diabetes

“My goal right now is to maintain where I’m going,” Edgar said in May, 2019. His goals right now include walking at least 6,000 steps a day and eating a low-carb diet. To do this Edgar volunteers in a kindergarten class, has the support of his wife (she makes great low-carb tortilla replacements for him), and talks to his coach “every two weeks because that keeps me on track, in case I slide or something.”

But Edgar is doing really well and meeting his goals, including his biggest goal of getting in control of his diabetes. “I really don’t want to go on insulin, I want to do it with diet and exercise and I really feel like I’ve got it under control.” Edgar’s blood sugars have been so well controlled since participating in health coaching to control diabetes, that his last A1c was under 7, which is the ideal range for diabetics. “I’m really comfortable with my blood sugar, that’s the biggest thing. This has been a real change for me.”

Overcoming Obstacles with his Coach

In November of 2018 Edgar had an accident. It resulted in him breaking his femur and at first, he was concerned about how it would affect his health. He did have to adjust some of his expectations, especially while recovering. However, with the help of his coach, Edgar was able to set goals that met his needs. And by February of 2019, Edgar said that “a pound a week is what I’m losing, which is good… It’s a plan I can make my lifestyle now.” He was “losing weight, my blood sugars are good, and I know it’s something I can accomplish.”

A Healthy Lifestyle Change and a New Purpose

One of the ways Edgar became more active was to volunteer five times a week at his granddaughter’s kindergarten class. He has really enjoyed working with the kids and “they’re the ones that give me exercise. I get four miles of walking a day just with them.” Edgar likes volunteering so much he put in an application to become a substitute teacher at the school! Before Edgar felt “it was real easy to sit around and do nothing all day long. I didn’t have a purpose. I feel like I have a purpose now.” And even with the school year over, Edgar feels that he will be able to continue meeting his goals because “pretty soon it won’t be making goals, my goals will become a natural thing. It will happen because that’s my lifestyle.”

If you are like Edgar, and want to use health coaching to control diabetes it’s easier than you think! The Living Healthier health coaching hotline is available to all Texans for free. It’s confidential, bilingual, and can help you get in control of your diabetes and meet your health goals too! Call for free today at 844-262-6224


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