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February 14, 2017

Give Your Valentine the Gift of Health!

Give Your Valentine the Gift of Health!

Flowers, cards and gifts are great ways to show we care, but how can we make a lasting impact on the lives of our loved ones? Try these three tips to help your friends, family and significant others each day as they strive to reach their health goals.

  1. Help Them Shop and Cook

Offer to go to the grocery store or local farmers’ market with your loved ones. Recommend recipes and encourage healthy eating while shopping. If you aren’t able to be there in person, you can send pictures of each meal you make to each other, or email your favorite recipes! It’s a great way to stay inspired and motivated, especially if they are going through a diet change.

  1. Share Your Favorite Resources

Do you have a favorite podcast, website or Pinterest board? Share your tips and tricks with your loved ones to give them fresh ideas. Another great resource is our Living Healthier Coach Hotline. This FREE service offers health coaching and motivational support to you and your family! It’s a great way to access information, referrals for resources, and stay on track. The hotline (1-844-26COACH) is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm in English and Spanish. If you or your loved ones have been thinking about making health a priority, sit down together and call today. To learn more about the Living Healthier Coach Hotline, check out this Q&A with Coach Natalie!

  1. Be Their Cheerleader

Celebrate your loved ones’ successes throughout their journey, and be understanding if they feel frustrated during a setback. It is important to be patient. Making your loved ones feel guilty about their actions is not the best strategy. Focus on positivity and give space if they need it. No one is perfect when it comes to making healthy choices, and nothing helps more than having a supportive loved one on the sidelines!

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