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April 11, 2024

Why Poster Presentations Matter

poster presentation data from 2023 Healthier Texas Summit
Sharing Your Research at The Healthier Texas Summit

As dedicated public health professionals, we understand the importance of sharing research findings with the broader community. However, the research process is not finished until we actively participate in meaningful discussions and work together. One powerful method of doing so is through poster presentations. According to a study published in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching [1], poster presentations effectively communicate complex research findings in a visual and accessible format, making them particularly valuable at events like the Healthier Texas Summit.

Introduction to Poster Presentations

Communicating research findings through visual and interactive poster presentations is a unique and effective method. Posters serve as gateways to exploration, allowing attendees from diverse sectors—academia, government, healthcare, NGOs, private sector, and public health—to delve into research topics that resonate with their interests and expertise.

Benefits of Poster Presentations

There are many benefits of poster presentations. First, they offer increased visibility for your research. By presenting your work in a visually appealing format, you can attract the attention of fellow researchers and potential collaborators. Another benefit is that it provides an excellent networking opportunity. Discussing with attendees allows you to exchange ideas, receive valuable feedback, and forge meaningful connections within your field. A report by the Association of American Colleges & Universities [2] highlights the importance of networking and collaboration in advancing research and scholarship. 

Engagement and Feedback

Equally crucial for poster presentations is the level of engagement they foster. At the Healthier Texas Summit, poster presentations facilitate greater interaction among attendees, promoting active learning and knowledge transfer. According to a study published in PLOS ONE [3], poster presentations encourage one-on-one discussions, enabling presenters to receive valuable feedback and insights from their peers and experts in the field. 

Tips for Successful Poster Presentations

In addition to fostering engagement and feedback, it is important to make sure your research and findings are presented in a way that makes your presentation stand out. The American Public Health Association’s Guide to Effective Poster Presentations [4] recommends that presenters create visually appealing posters with content organized logically and practice their presentation beforehand to engage effectively with attendees.

Resources for Poster Presenters

While preparing for your presentation can seem daunting, there are many resources are available to streamline the process. Online platforms offer many poster templates, design tools, and guidelines for creating professional-looking posters.
Some creative tools to consider using are:

  • Canva 
  • Adobe Creative Suite 
  • Microsoft Publisher

Task management software is another tool to consider, especially if you collaborate with a team and need to distribute responsibilities and stay on track to meet deadlines. Some tools to consider using are:

  • Asana
  • ClickUp
  • Trello

Presentations are crucial in disseminating research findings and fostering collaboration within the public health landscape.  The Healthier Texas Summit provides an excellent platform for researchers to showcase their work, engage with fellow professionals, and contribute to advancing public health in Texas. Please join us at the 2024 Healthier Texas Summit in October. Call for Proposals is open through May 12th, and your voice and research are essential to the conversation and efforts to build a healthier Texas! 


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