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February 2, 2015

Virtual Racing: Run With A Group, Every Time!


When you hear the term ‘virtual race,’ you probably picture a controller in your hand and a character on a screen. However, in reality you’re much more than Player One! Virtual races are almost exactly the same as ‘real’ races, but you race remotely; instead of showing up to a site, you run anywhere! You then finish your race by simply logging your miles online. Virtual races bring the fun and healthy competition of a race to your every run!


Convenience is one of the biggest perks that virtual racing offers. If you live in a remote town or just can’t get away, you can run at your own leisure. You don’t even have to sacrifice the running community, as many races have online support networks that allow runners to post pictures and progress updates and receive encouragement in return. Lastly, virtual races provide variety. With races like ‘The Running Dead,” ‘The Top Gun Run” and ‘The Pug Run,” there’s a race for everyone. Plus, you receive a shirt and medal for competing, just as you would in a normal race!

You know how much we love healthy competition, so we encourage you runners to post Healthy Selfies for the Challenge every time you’re on a virtual race! With motivation and community now available at the click of a mouse, it’s easier than ever to be healthy, and you never have to go it alone!


By Lizzy Cooke, University of Texas- Austin ’17, IT’S TIME TEXAS Marketing Intern

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