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March 2, 2017

Trophy Club, Texas: The Name Says It All!

This small, Texas town is in it to win it! Since day one of the Community Challenge, Trophy Club encouraged their community to get active and earn points. This is the first time they’ve participated in the Challenge, and they aren’t messing around. We spoke with Tiffany Nimphius, a Trophy Club resident, to learn more about her experience so

What/who got you involved in the 2017 Community Challenge?

It was brought to us by an individual who had heard about it from another community who had participated! We were very excited to bring it to our community. It is a perfect fit to promote our culture of safety, healthy, patriotism and involvement.

What have you done personally to earn points for the Challenge?

Onimg_3069 a personal level, I keep the town encouraged and motivated by making myself available to answer questions, join people in a workout, and talk about how fun and easy the Community Challenge is. I believe this Challenge is intended to expose people to a fun way to finding out how easy a healthy lifestyle can be. Sometimes, people want a friendly, non-confrontational way of making healthy choices. I share some sort of reminder on social media every day to make it fun. Whether that be recreating a silly selfie with a fruit or veggie, holding them accountable to a certain number of healthy selfies drinking water, or asking them to hang out with us at a community workout. When people see that they are supported by an entire community, they are more inclined to participate in the Challenge. If they can participate for a few weeks, we can then work on them turning the ways to earn points into everyday habits.

What is your whole community doing to win the title? Are any local businesses, organizations, churches, or elected officials involved?

Trophy Club, as a whole, has found its Community Challenge cheerleaders: Kelly Castonguay, Sherri Lewis and myself. It was not something we initially set out to do. It happened very organically. Being that this is our first year to participate, we did not know what to expect or how to initially roll out the Challenge. We put together the best game plan we could think of at the time. I feel that Trophy Club has done an amazing job learning new ways to keep people motivated and engaged.imagejpeg_0

We reached out to several of our local businesses that specialize in fitness and asked if they would be willing to open group classes to all members of our community, regardless of whether or not they are a member of their business. They were all more than willing to participate. Other non-health-related businesses have organized community walks, healthy lunches with friends and neighbors, cooking classes in their homes, and much more. Our local Camp Gladiator trainers have agreed to volunteer their time to lead our whole community through group exercise classes. We are also providing participants with fruit and water. It is kind of like a small token of appreciation because they took time out of their day to be with us and support our efforts in the Community Challenge.

As far as our elected officials go, our Mayor is, by far, the best mayor in the state of Texas. He is an active participant in the Challenge, shows up to our community workouts and does the workout. He is leading by example, and that is so great. Our Council has been incredibly supportive as well.

Why is the Community Challenge important to you and your community?

If, I mean, when Trophy Club wins the Community Challenge, it will become a prime example of how Trophy Club can accomplish anything when we come together for a common goal. The Community Challenge is uniting our town in a positive way by coming together for the greater good of our residents. We have all made new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s incredible watching a new community join the Challenge with such determination and commitment! Keep up the great work, Trophy Club! You are a force to be reckoned with. 

Wherever you are in Texas, it’s not too late to step up. To join the Community Challenge for the final month, visit

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