Change the Profession – Graduating Active Students

A red schoolhouse painted green may look different, but nothing has changed internally.

Author: Robert Pangrazi, Educational Specialist, Gopher Sport and developer of Dynamic PE ASAP People often say change is good. We have all heard that the only constant is change. Yet, when I look at our profession, the change I often see is surface change. For example, changing the schedule of a school, or a new seating arrangement, or new PE … Read More

At 64, Lee Is Reinventing His Approach To Health

When you ask Lee what he’s into, you’ll soon find out it’s a lot. Born and raised in McAllen, Texas, Lee grew up fishing and water skiing along the Gulf Coast. As a teenager, he worked as a lifeguard, swimming extra miles just for fun. A science teacher, scuba diver, book worm, and amateur chef, Lee is something of a … Read More