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June 18, 2015

Start Planning a Fall Growing Healthy Schools Project!

School staff, administrators, PTA and SHAC members – it’s not too soon to start planning a Growing Healthy Schools project for the fall! The fall session begins on September 14th and will close on November 20th. Within those ten weeks, we provide tools to help you share and fundraise your project. Schools across Texas have seen great success when they promote their projects to the local business community and distribute flyers to parents. This platform isn’t all-or-nothing like Kickstarter, either. Even if you don’t meet your fundraising goal, you will receive a check for the funds you did raise, and we encourage you to re-launch you project in the spring to finish fundraising!

The best part: H-E-B donates five Bonus Kits each session, worth $10,000 and $5,000! Bonus Kits are grants for healthy projects and initiatives on your campus. If you meet your fundraising goal and complete a few other (truly low-lift) requirements, you will be automatically entered into the drawing for one of the Bonus Kits. You can put the money toward your initial project or toward any other health-related equipment or programming. Sure beats lengthy grant applications and selling wrapping paper…

Here is an archive of successful past projects, for inspiration! The sooner you start planning, the more money you will raise to make your campus a healthier one!

Hear from a few of our past winners:


“Growing Healthy Schools has given our school an opportunity to make a change. The response we received from our staff, parents, and community was outstanding! Words can’t explain how thankful and proud I am for the awesome turnout we had and the privilege of being chosen as a winner of a H-E-B Health Kit. Thank you!”

-Nick Alfaro, Ricardo ISD


“We are so excited here at Hexter! We began fundraising last year, and with the $10,000 Bonus Kit we won, it looks like we may have all of the funds by the end of the school year for our running track! I cannot believe all of the support from friends and family online!”

– Kendal Riley, Dallas ISD


“I would recommend this program to any school that is in need of money to help make their school a healthier one. Colonial Hills reached out to the community via letters, word of mouth and Facebook to raise the money for our recess equipment. We raised $1,605 and won an H-E-B Bonus Kit!”  

-Terri Pitts, North East ISD

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