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February 4, 2015

A Simple Way to Track Your Active Life: Nike+ and Fuelband

The Nike+ system has remodeled its shoe design and construction significantly for its customers just in the past decade. In 2006, the system debuted and originally worked with first generation iPods. (That’s a throwback!) It tracked how many miles you ran, the duration of your workout and the amount of calories burned, simultaneously playing your favorite inspirational music. The downside was, you had to purchase Nike shoes with it, because there was a space under the insole of your left shoe to put the required sensor that synced up with your iPod and tracked your runs.

Now, the only accessories you need are a smart phone and the Nike+ app; it doesn’t matter what brand of shoes you enjoy running in! App features include tracking distance traveled, pace per mile, calories burned, elevation, and personal bests. You can upload your statistics online to the Nike+ community and compare how you fair against people around the world.


The Nike+ Fuelband released in 2012 and revolutionized the athletic industry. Nike, accompanied with Apple Inc., created a way to universally measure all types of activities – from walking to playing an intensive sport – by inventing a wristband that calculates your active movements in “Fuel Points”. These points can be seen on the Fuelband, along with calories burned, steps taken, and the time. The Band sends all this information to your smartphone seamlessly via Bluetooth. Not everyone enjoys running (myself included,) but the Fuelband motivates individuals to stay active by keeping track of any activity you enjoy! We’re all about apps that make healthy easier. Our Choose Healthier app hits the Apple App Store and Google Play later this month! Choose Healthier lets you discover healthy activities and resources near you, so you can find ways to move every day that feel right for you.

-Anthony Paloma, Texas State University ’15, IT’S TIME TEXAS Events Intern


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