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February 3, 2020

Telltale signs you’re competing in the Community Challenge

Have your dinner parties suddenly started to incorporate a lot more cardio? Are half of your photos just you next to a bowl of grapefruit? If so, chances are you’re competing in the Community Challenge. As we pass the halfway mark and head into Week 5, here’s a roundup of dead giveaways from our 2020 participants.

Your Super Bowl snacks look like this instead of pizza.

(Photo by Zach M, Universal City, TX)

This is where your mind goes when you think of girls’ night.

(Photo by Margarita, Alamo, TX)

Your Mayor starts sporting a sweat band in public.

(Video by Ray, McAllen, TX)

You invite someone over for lunch only to end up doing carpet calisthenics.

(Photo by Vickie, Comanche, TX)

You seriously consider taking up food photography as a second vocation.

(Photo by Jennifer, Austin, TX)

You start to think of your water bottle as your closest friend.

(Photo by Christina, Liberty Hills, TX)

You get really good at taking selfies on a moving bicycle.

(Photo by Katie, Pasadena, TX)

Your 3rd graders are suddenly very into salad.

(Photo by Veronica, Pharr, Tx)

You have at least ten photos that look exactly like this one.

(Photo by Judi, Harlingen TX)

Your entire camera roll is just you and green smoothies.

(Photo by Trevonna,DeSoto, TX)

Your school library doubles as a kickboxing studio.

(Photo by Christine, Los Fresnos, TX)

You start organizing your social calendar around water consumption.

(Photo by Liza, Corpus Christi, TX)

You suddenly can’t get enough of Zumba.

(Photo by Maria, Losa Fresnos, TX)

No one bats an eye when you tell them to fall in line for an aerial healthy selfie.

(Photo by Bethsalee, Harlingen, TX)

You’re doing us proud, Texans. Keep earning those points, and here’s to an amazing week 5!

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