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March 12, 2015

Grow an Award-Winning SHAC Like Seguin ISD!

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The National Physical Activity Plan shares our dream: one day, all Americans will be physically active and will work, play and live in environments that inspire everyday nutrition and physical activity. On February 23-24, 2015, Congress presented the 2015 National Physical Activity Plan (NPAP) and recognized, applauded and awarded Texas’ own Seguin ISD Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) for their wonderfully successful efforts in applying the strategies and methods outlined in the NPAP!

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We recognized Seguin ISD’s SHAC at our annual Summit in 2013 for having the best committee of its kind in Texas.  A few of their many achievements include: improved FITNESSGRAM scores, campus walking trails for nine schools constructed with access to city parks, and a bond election that resulted in $88.3 million of funding for new school and community improvements based on National SHAC recommendations.

Some background on the NPAP: The NPAP is a private-public sector collaboration and consists of hundreds of organizations working together to give every American greater access to healthy options & activities.

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Some background on SHACs: Student Health Advisory Committees (SHACs) were originally formed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with the goal of giving students a voice in the development of school health policies and programs.

Pete Silvuis, Physical & Outdoor Education Coordinator for Seguin ISD, said that his SHAC is honored to be recognized by the NPAP Alliance, and that the award is validation that their efforts are headed in the right direction. Seguin ISD engages with so many IT’S TIME TEXAS events and initiatives year-round to advance and celebrate their accomplishments. Their city won this year’s H-E-B Community Challenge school district competition, they use Growing Healthy Schools to fund healthy campus projects, and attend our IT’S TIME TEXAS Summit to inform their SHAC goals and priorities. “IT’S TIME TEXAS is helping to make Seguin a healthier place to live and go to school,” Silvuis said.

Seguin ISD’s SHAC includes parents, faculty, nurses, food service directors, students, and community leaders! SISD impacts 7,500 total students, and 66.13% of students in the district are considered economically disadvantaged. The Seguin SHAC works to address all components of a school health program: health instruction, physical education, child nutrition, school counseling, food service, and integrated school/community programs.

Want to start a SHAC in your district? Check out our webpage  for more success stories and resources, and attend our Summit in June to hear from Seguin and other districts in Texas that are leading the way! 

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