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August 28, 2015

Provider Spotlight: Fight Club!

Rocky Balboa has nothing on Fight Club. A few of our Street Team members visited Fight Club (located on Rio Grande and 23rd Street in the West Campus area) to try out a class: an hour-long course focusing on boxing, kickboxing, and cardio and that has been very popular within the college demographic and beyond.

“The mission of Fight Club, especially for me as a trainer, is to get people to live healthier overall, not just coming to the gym and working out but coming in and feeling better about yourself when you leave,” -Doug Sechrist, Fight Club Trainer


Each instructor at Fight Club gets to design their own class, but every class incorporates boxing techniques and methods. According to Doug, a typical Fight Club workout burns 800-900 calories. Yes, you read that correctly.

“People like Fight Club because you get to blow off some steam. It’s just fun to be able to come in here and hit the bag or kick the bag!” Doug said.


Before every class, each person uses boxing wraps to wrap their hands and wrists to create support during the boxing exercises. Our class started with a six minute ab circuit, followed by intense boxing-based workouts on a speed bag, heavy bags and kick bags, and ended with full-body cardio circuits. The class was large and had a strong sense of camaraderie, every person was working hard.


Beginners need not fear, experience level will not affect the intensity of your workout at Fight Club. Each person pushes themselves to exceed their own limits, and the instructors recognize that each person is at a different level.

“You can can come in here and have never kickboxed or boxed a day in your life, or you can be a total pro. It doesn’t really matter either way. You come in here and listen to great music and the trainer will guide you through an entire kickboxing workout.”

To stay updated with the class schedules, download the Choose Healthier app and visit the Fight Club Website to sign up. Your first class is free! Be sure to also check Fight Club out on Facebook and Instagram!

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