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August 7, 2015

Provider Friday: HEAT Bootcamp!

Sarah Enouen was an aspiring musician who came to the conclusion that she either needed to make her career as a singer or find something that she is passionate about. Her first experience at a Nashville kickboxing gym did not leave her hooked. During her second kickboxing class she thought, “I’m going to beat that class, that class isn’t going to beat me!” After a change of heart, Sarah transformed a new passion into a career at the age of 30, as a trainer at the kickboxing gym.


When Sarah moved back to Austin she was hired as a personal trainer at HEAT Bootcamp. She believes that her experience as a trainer has impacted her life in a positive way. “Having the energy from the people I work with here has impacted me so much in my life,” says Sarah. “Everyone that walks through the door can feel that because everyone is happy to be here, and we are passionate about it.”

HEAT Bootcamp understands their clients are unique and have different expectations for their workout, so HEAT’s staff meets those diverse needs. All trainers are experts with a variety of specialties. The staff is well educated and inspiring, as they are always innovating new ways to help people better themselves. Each bootcamp is a welcoming and motivating environment. “You would never hear anyone talking down to anyone,” says Sarah. “It’s the most uplifting version of an idea of bootcamp.”


“Convenience is one of the number one things that holds people back whenever they are trying to get into something. It can be kind of discouraging when you don’t know where to go, and your first experience may not have been the best experience for you.” Sarah loves that HEAT Bootcamp is a provider on the Choose Healthier App. She believes it’s great to have a fitness and health search engine, taking away some of the “leg work” that goes into finding a healthy activity.


HEAT Bootcamp is in their 8th year of empowering clients and changing lives in the Austin area; they were voted Austin Fit Magazine’s Best of 2014! Look for their classes on the Choose Healthier App and give them a try! Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for workout tips and updates.

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