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May 16, 2019

Partnering with Bose to Fuel Healthy Change

An innovative new product, a cool experience and an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Texans.  This is the opportunity BOSE, a Boston-based corporate leader in audio and innovative technology, provided It’s Time Texas during an SXSW brand activation this past March. 

Jumping Jacks for Dollars was a fun brand engagement where BOSE and It’s Time Texas worked together to showcase how to make health easier while having fun.

Baker Harrell leads Jumping Jacks for Dollars at SXSW

“Bose is passionate about health and wellness,” says Elizabeth Cameron, BOSE Community Relations Manager.

“With the development of new products in this space, we recognize the value of supporting organizations who make health and wellness more accessible.With our presence at SXSW, we knew we wanted to partner with an organization supporting a similar focus: health and wellness for all.”

BOSE Frames, sunglasses with a soundtrack, is first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform that makes new audio experiences possible by helping us stay connected to our digital world and stay engaged in the physical world at the same time.

Cameron continues, “The activation proved to be well attended for everyone; jumping jacks for dollars kept people motivated and active.

“We believe in helping people reach their fullest human potential, so combining forces with It’s Time Texas allowed us to support in that wellness space, locally in Austin and throughout Texas.”

Texans are unhealthy, the most we have ever been.  We have engineered health out of our daily lives. Valuing health is not currently a part of what it means to be a Texan. Together with partners and innovators like BOSE, we are guiding Texans to solutions that help change behaviors and household practices while transforming lives.

Bose Brand Experience SXSWBose’s Jumping Jacks for Dollars inspired a ten thousand dollar gift for It’s Time Texas to invest back into building a healthier Texas.  Powerful partnerships facilitate connection and connection fuels social change.

To learn more about partnership opportunities with It’s Time Texas, contact Candyss Bryant, Senior Director of Development, at

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