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November 20, 2014

Meet Our Fall Interns! Project Development:


I started making healthier choices in college. I was on my own, so my parents weren’t around to tempt me with homemade comfort food. I also had lots of friends who loved hiking and rock climbing, and they got me started! I realized I felt better physically and emotionally whenever I was eating right and exercising on a regular basis.

For a while, I thought that I could never eat anything unhealthy. If I ever ate something unhealthy, I would feel guilty, and in response, I would keep eating unhealthy foods to rebel against my perfectionist concept of health. Thankfully, I was able to quit this behavior in graduate school.

My present motto is “everything in moderation.” I generally have a healthy lifestyle, but from time to time I can eat a cookie and feel okay about it. I LOVE fruits and vegetables, and I like eating healthy things because they taste great and I know that I’m taking care of my body. I also really enjoy being active outdoors, and in moving to Austin, I’ve had tons of opportunities to do so.

To me, IT’S TIME TEXAS serves as a daily reminder of how we can make healthier choices. When I walk into the office and see fresh fruit, I get really excited; it helps put me in the mindset of eating right for the rest of the day. Everyone here is very health-conscious, and they inspire me to adhere to my own health goals and to help others with theirs!



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