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December 14, 2023

Managing Stress

Handling stress during the holidays is something we all deal with, and it can affect how we feel physically and emotionally. But the good news is we can do things to handle stress better and take care of ourselves by managing stress together.

First off, it’s important to recognize when stress is happening. Your body might show it with a faster heartbeat, quick breathing, tense muscles, or feeling sweaty. Emotionally, you might notice more anxiety, nervousness, or forgetfulness.

When faced with stress, it is essential to adopt healthy coping strategies. One effective approach is to reframe the problem by focusing on the positive aspects, distracting ourselves, or accepting what we cannot change. Managing our emotional reactions through expressive writing, seeking support from loved ones, engaging in relaxation techniques, and regular exercise can also alleviate stress. Sometimes, finding different ways to solve a problem can also lower stress. For example, if holiday traffic is stressing you out, try leaving a bit earlier or sharing a ride with others.

By understanding stress and implementing these practical techniques, we can effectively mitigate stress’s impact on our overall well-being. And here’s something exciting for everyone in our community: we have a Free 8-week health competition starting on January 8th! Community Challenge is for all fitness levels and Texans, allowing us to support each other and work on getting healthier. Join in, and let’s make our community a place where we help each other be happier and less stressed!

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