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January 31, 2018

This Is What Making Healthy Choices Actually Looks Like

It’s not about restrictive diets or harsh exercise programs. It’s about the little steps you make every day.

By Amanda MacFarlane, Marketing Intern

It’s the beginning of February and by a show of hands, who has already broken their New Year’s resolutions to be healthier? *Raises hand*

The truth is that for those of us who make these goals to change at the start of the new year, there is a ton of pressure to do it all now or to immediately change into the fittest, healthiest, most clean-eating version of ourselves. It’s hard work trying to make it to the finish line when we’ve only just started.

If you’re in need of some motivation to maintain your resolutions (or to recommit to your original goals), here are 15 real people across the state of Texas taking charge of their health.

Each one of these Texans pledged to participate in the sixth annual IT’S TIME TEXAS  Community Challenge, a free statewide competition running from January 8 to March 4. All of them have come together, supporting and holding accountable members of their own communities to build healthier lives.

From the inspiring elementary school teacher to the enthusiastic senior sneakers class, they prove that taking charge of your health can look as diverse and as unique as the individuals involved. Their healthy selfies show that making healthy choices happens in your day-to-day life and not just on Instagram. Check their healthy selfies below!

There’s still time to register and participate in this year’s Community Challenge! Visit to register for free, today.

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