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January 11, 2015

Loving IT’S TIME From the Big Apple: Amie Hoff!


You may recognize Amie from her spots on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNBC, Dr Oz, The Today Show and Good Morning America, or you may have read her story in Shape, Fitness and Women’s Health, the New York Times, Washington Post or Newsweek. Amie was even a finalist to replace Jillian Michaels as a personal trainer on the NBC hit The Biggest Loser! A month or so ago, Amie Hoff tweeted at @ITSTIME and we wondered how she learned about us! So we asked her, and when we got to talking we learned that Amie has been a big fan of our work from afar for some time now!

Amie on Dr Oz Health Segment

An in-demand fitness professional, corporate wellness consultant and the creator of FitKit, we were beyond impressed to find Amie following our statewide initiative. She believes we have developed the right formula to truly make healthy easier: “educating and motivating people in businesses, schools and families to build a community of support.” When we spoke with Amie, she made a statement we are always ecstatic to hear. She said, “I have watched you grow in a short time and am impressed with the movement. It is a blueprint that can be easily shared across the nation.” This has always been our goal, to make Texas a model for the nation, and we are thrilled about our new celebrity ambassador, collaborator and friend in the Big Apple.

Amie Hoff FitnessC

Amie first moved to New York City to pursue acting and worked in a gym to afford acting school! She recalls, “when I began to feel more at home in the gym than on the stage I started to re think my direction. The feeling I got from helping people get healthy was far more rewarding than any audience reaction. I did stay in the movie industry for a while as a stunt double, melding my fitness and acting careers. Eventually, my passion for health and fitness won out. I get up every day with a smile on my face and excited that I get to do what I do. I’m a lucky girl.”

We asked Amie to tell us a bit about FitKit. “As a fitness professional, I want everyone to have an affordable workout option. So I created (along with my sister, Beth) FitKit – Total Fitness in a Kit to give people a workout solution that could be done anytime, anywhere. No excuses. FitKit contains all the tools for a total body workout and I developed over 250 exercises that include cardio, strength and flexibility. We also just recently launched FitKit50+ that focuses on balance, agility, coordination and stability, and we are currently working on FitKit KIDS…. It’s never too early to start!” Amie sent us a FitKit to test out, and we absolutely love it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 9.14.08 AM

We discussed how technological advancements in the health field are allowing people to share information and healthy tools, and create a huge support network. We’re certainly moving into that tech space at IT’S TIME TEXAS, with our Teach Healthier App now live for download and the Choose Healthier App launching next month. That said, Amie recognizes that the interpersonal aspects of our work are also crucial. “Programs like IT’S TIME TEXAS help retain the high touch component that is still necessary to move the health and fitness industry forward. Human interaction and community building are still the foundation needed for long lasting results.” We totally agree, and we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with the brilliantly passionate and talented Amie Hoff, a philanthropist and true Jack of all Fitness Trades. Only a woman who puts her whole heart into her work would discover us here in the Lone Star State years ago and read the IT’S TIME TEXAS newsletter every month!

Follow Amie @AmieHoffFitness on Twitter for daily doses of health-related information & inspiration!


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