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September 1, 2016

Keeping Kids Happy & Healthy in the New School Year!

The kids are back at school and busy schedules are in full swing. The summer was fun and relaxing, but now you find yourself wondering how to keep physical activity a part of your child’s daily routine as well as take care of yourself. Well don’t worry — we have a few ideas to keep the whole family happy and healthy as we transition into fall!
Fall BP 1

The key to balancing a busy fall schedule centered on kids and work is to get active as a family. With the kids back in school, they spend less time at home and less time with you. Enrich the time you do spend together by getting up and playing as a family. Spend your weekends at the park instead of on the couch or get involved with some fun outdoor games and activities.

Family walks around the block are a great way to get active and moving. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, but moving for 30 minutes will be enough to engage your child in physical activity after a long day of sitting in a classroom. If you’re looking for more of a workout, try biking or jogging. Wait till the evening, around 7 o’clock, to ensure that it won’t be too hot.

 Another great way to keep your kids active this fall is to encourage outdoor play dates! Coordinate with other families and get all the kids together in the sun — they’re much more likely to enjoy being outdoors if they’re with their friends, and less likely to want to get on those iPads if they’re busy breaking a sweat!

Fall BP 2Incorporate a little family competition by playing games together. Games like frisbee and soccer are easy to play with kids and simpler games such as tag are a great way to get your smaller ones moving and playing. If you’re feeling extra competitive, get your neighbors in on the fun. Create team names and keep score in a friendly game of soccer or flag football to see who’s house is the best on the block!

Last but not least, don’t forget about a nutritious diet. School lunches aren’t the same as healthy home cooked meals. Continue encouraging your children to eat their fruits and veggies and to try new ones. Many of your favorite local produce items will be in season this fall. Vegetables like sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and spinach can be incorporated into dinners, and fruits such as pears, oranges and grapes make for great snacks or additions to lunches.

Playing as a family could not be more beneficial to you or your children — not only does it boost everyone’s health, it also creates great memories together. Spending some time together and getting active won’t even feel like a workout this fall! And for parents and educators looking for resources to help keep physical activity and nutrition a priority in the new school year, be sure to check out our Teach Healthier app

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