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November 9, 2020

Keep Moving Forward

While many of us will remember 2020 as the year we barely survived homeschooling – Trevonna has a slightly different take. She’s raising nine children, ranging in ages from two to twenty, and she’s schooled all of them at home.

Passionate about helping children master reading early on, Trevonna is the creator of a reading program that engages parents in the learning process and empowers them to be advocates for their children’s educational development.

She believes firmly that, “When you empower parents in the preschool years, it helps them in the later years. They are the ones who are going to help champion their children to the finish line.”

Between taking care of her own family and helping others through her reading program, downtime is a little-known luxury. When Trevonna imagines a vacation, the first destination she thinks of is “sleep.”

“As a helper, sometimes you give so much of yourself,” says Trevonna, who admits that finding balance is a constant struggle. Still, she’ll be the first to tell you that caring for others means taking care of yourself as well.


Trevonna first heard about It’s Time Texas through a Facebook post from her local councilwoman encouraging her constituents to sign up for our annual Community Challenge.

“It was right around my 41st birthday,” she remembers, “and I got excited. I had just joined a gym, and being that I’m so busy and all over the place, the Community Challenge just gave me that drive to be consistent.”

Once she signed up, Trevonna went full force, embracing the competition and sense of community it gave her. She felt stronger and more energetic. And, like most everything else that she’s passionate about, she was determined to bring others along on the journey – starting with her daughters, who often joined her for trips to the gym or evening workouts in the living room.

“I love teaching, and I love helping people achieve their goals,” says Trevonna. For her, health became a new way to advocate. She even started a Facebook group for other moms over 40 who are looking for ways to fit health into their busy lives. “To deal with your children,” she says, “you need to be okay.”


After finishing the Community Challenge strong, Trevonna began looking for other ways to advocate for health in her community. She signed up to become an It’s Time Texas Ambassador and reached out to her local councilwoman about putting together a community conversation on health.

“There’s a lot of obesity in our community,” she says, which she ties to the abundance of unhealthy options available. “I see a lot of unhealthy food choices, and I know everyone is in their own place and has their own challenges—I wanted to raise awareness so that the choices are actually choices, as opposed to just circumstances.” She is especially concerned with helping other moms and the daughters who look up to them.

Like it has for so many of us, COVID-19 zapped Trevonna of some of her earlier momentum. Still, she’s committed to coming back strong in 2021. She’s learned to accept setbacks as just another part of the process.

“One of the things I tell my group is that it’s okay to start again,” says Trevonna.

“Sometimes you get this big push, and you have all these plans, and you have a great couple of days—and then you fall and lose your energy. It’s okay. Have grace, take it one small step at a time, and keep moving forward.”


We asked Trevonna what she looks forward to. Her children were the first thought that came to mind. “I look forward to growing in Christ and seeing my children grow up to be the kind of people I can call my friends.”

Then, we asked her where she gets her energy. She admits to having less of it than she used to, but she knows what is hers to take care of—and what she does, she’s committed to doing well.

I recently heard the term multipotentialite,” says Trevonna. “That’s how I feel. I’ve always been inquisitive, and I like to share what I learn. So, when I learn something new and find someone who could benefit, that’s the way I work.”

Whether her own children and family, or the broader community around her, Trevonna is determined to uplift the people who enter her presence. We’re honored to be a part of her journey and can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

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