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April 14, 2015

What the iWatch Can Do For Your Health!

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You’ve seen it all over the news: you can now preorder the Apple iWatch, set to launch on April 24th! The iWatch is water resistant, with a large variety of bands to choose from, designed to fit any wrist. Apple has made health & fitness a main focus of the Watch, with cutting-edge features and built-in apps to promote a healthy lifestyle by tracking your movement and celebrating your progress! The Watch records your daily activity via three metrics: exercise, estimated caloric burn, and time standing, providing a full picture of how active you are each day.

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Need someone to hold you accountable and remind you to keep moving? If the watch detects that you have been sitting down for a long period of time, it will let you know! Many doctors today believe a great deal of health problems are a result from an overly sedentary lifestyle, so building friendly reminders into a device we also use as a phone, search engine and organizer could be a game-changer. The iWatch also lets you share weekly summaries of health-related information like heart rate and calories burned with your physician to let them in on your behavior, providing some serious motivation in between visits.

The only downside to the Watch is the price point – ranging from $349.00 to $12K. However, if you feel comfortable using the Watch as your main device, it could be the perfect fit, and the perfect fitness tool.

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