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August 12, 2014

Interns in Action! The Youth


Jiwoo KimI remember my Middle School cafeteria being something similar to the Willy Wonka Factory. Though it didn’t have chocolate rivers or oompa loompas, it had comparably the same amount of sweets. My first year of middle school was filled with chocolates, candies, and sugary chewing gum and I progressively went from being petite to almost being obese. Luckily, by my second year of middle school, a ban against sugar was put in place. Though I grumbled as I dutifully ate the fruit of the day and demanded candy, I witnessed a change in my body. I became thinner, energized, and developed healthy habits. Today, I continue to live healthily though I have the occasional affair with a Kit-Kat Bar. Being healthy shouldn’t be hard, it’s an adventure!



Wendoline GamezAt IT’S TIME TEXAS, I represent the Out of School Time Program as an intern. You may be wondering what that actually means? As an intern for the programs department, my day is well spent being active with young students that need an extra push to exercise. The entire month of June, I followed an AISD instructor at an elementary school. On my first day, I walked into the gymnasium and heard the students running and giggling as they played tag. I quickly became attached to these students and really enjoyed it when they asked me to participate in the games with them. I really want to emphasize that being involved at ITT was a big learning experience as I learned many new and different teaching techniques to effectively use with the students. I will benefit most from this in my preparation to become a physical education teacher and coach for the youth. The ITT team has given me the opportunity to gain those professional experiences one could attain while communicating with other departments and growing as a team. I am very thankful for my summer internship at IT’S TIME TEXAS.


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