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August 12, 2014

Interns in Action – Keeping Busy, Keeping Active


Since I was young, I have always taken a special interest in aquatic sports. For two consecutive years in high school, I dove competitively in region-wide competitions. Our training sessions and group workouts were physically challenging and mentally excruciating. The exhilaration I derived everyday from practice, is what kept me going. Swimming and diving inspired me to live a healthy and fit lifestyle from then on. I was motivated to eat healthier, partake in outdoor adventures, and explore different kinds of physical fitness.

Leeroy Cienega

After leaving my hometown to attend college in Austin, I picked up hiking, intramural sports, and running, but none of them came close to the physical and mental benefits I found from kayaking. Being on the open water has the ability to liberate my mind, as well as challenge my body to paddle against a strong current, howling winds, and darkening skies. Nature inspires me to physically adapt and mentally conquer any given situation by doing something I really love. Kayaking and the open water give me the encouragement to live a better life, where I feel happy, healthy, strong, and mentally reinforced.



At IT’S TIME TEXAS, I’ve done quite a lot in a short period of time. When I first got on board, the office was swamped preparing for the ITT Summit, and I jumped right into the mix. Of course the Summit was long and grueling, but by the end, not only would I never want to eat a Blizzard again, but I found out I’m pretty good at darts. After things calmed down, I got to really meet the other members of the ITT staff and fall into my standard intern duties. But for every seemingly humble task I performed, I learned something, or became more aware, or honed a skill.

Tom Day

Working in the projects department, there has always been something to do. Sometimes it’s as simple as gathering contact information or participating at an Exhibit in the Austin Convention Center.


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