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August 12, 2014

Interns in Action! – Being Healthy is Fun!


It’s not easy to find a workplace, like IT’S TIME TEXAS, where you can sit on a fitness ball or stand up to do your work.

When I was a kid, I was asked to eat all kinds of vegetables so that I would have a nutritious and balanced diet. I benefited a lot from this habit. Since I am not fussy about food, I can enjoy a variety of amazing food, even food with unique flavors, such as durian and wasabi. Being healthy sometimes sets you apart from others. While all of my classmates had chips and soda, I took out my apple and yogurt. Whenever I am too busy to work out, I will climb the steps instead of using the elevator. I like going hiking in parks and running along the rivers in Austin.

I am interested in learning ways to make people realize healthy living is not boring, and it can be cool and fun. People should relax when trying to be healthy and not care about what other people might think of them.

Lu Shan_____________________________________________________________________________________________________


I was introduced to my healthy lifestyle long before I knew what it meant! Growing up, my parents kept fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks readily available with the occasional ‘junk food,’ such as soda. As I’ve grown older, I realized how great of an impact healthier food choices had on me. In my 20’,s I eagerly enjoy crunching on vegetables, whereas most of my lifetime, I’ve preferred a crunchy bag of chips. I know this all goes back to how my parents raised me and how they made “healthy the norm” in our household.

I’d like to pass this healthy lifestyle along to as many people as I can. I especially want to help encourage young children to develop beneficial eating habits early since I have seen the impact it makes later in life. Joining the ITT team is another step in fulfilling that goal. Being surrounded by positive people with the same result in mind is beyond encouraging for living out the lifestyle we promote daily!

Jenna Beyer

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