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January 26, 2015

Healthy, Happy, and Zombie Free!

What a perfect morning for a run: cool air, birds singing, a beautiful sunrise, and not a zombie in sight! Wait, you haven’t heard about zombies taking over the world? Then you haven’t experienced the “Zombies, run!” fitness app! Like most fitness apps, “Zombies, run!” has GPS route tracking, personal music playlist integration and much more, but also a deadly twist: You’re surviving the zombie apocalypse in Abel, a small township, earning your keep as “Runner 5.” As one Runner of an elite handful, you make dangerous runs through zombie-infested forests and city ruins in attempts to gather intel, supplies and resources. It’s exactly like a TV show: before you start your run, simply select what season and episode your currently on and head out! And with new episodes releasing every week, you’ll look forward to seeing what events unfold on your next run. You can find it on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, so give it a try and look out for zombies!



 Thanks to the H-E-B Community Challenge, you don’t have to help your city alone! You can take a Healthy Selfie every time you’re on an epic zombie run to earn Challenge points, or organize a weekly zombie run with friends! With a giant trophy, banner and $1,200 school grants at stake, communities all over Texas have stepped up to take the Challenge and pursue a happier and healthier lifestyle that will radically shape their lives and the lives of the people around them. Whether or not zombies are your thing, you’re a hero in our eyes for stepping up to the Challenge. Check out the website here and see how your city is doing in the ranks!


-Josh Guillen, IT’S TIME TEXAS Film Intern, University of Texas-Austin Class of ’15 

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