Grassroots Organizing & Advocacy

We strive to incorporate the width and depth of Texans’ experiences in health policy. It’s Time Texas pushes for systemic changes in health using community members’ voices and feedback as its inspiration. Starting with the smallest unit – the individual Texan – It’s Time Texas empowers health champions to build healthier habits that drive community-based decision making, motivating campaigns and advocacy, all in the name of building a healthier Texas.
2023 Community Challenge Winners
The Community Challenge

It’s Time Texas Community Challenge unites Texans from across the state to build a healthier Texas. This free eight-week competition challenges Texans to develop simple healthy habits like eating healthy, exercising, and staying hydrated because our everyday choices shape our health and our future. And like any good competition, it comes with prizes. The 2024 Community Community Challenge will run from January 8th – March 3rd, 2024. Register today!

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Stay Connected

We use social media to share resources, tools, and information to help you, your family, and your friends live healthy lives. It’s also a great way to join and connect with a growing network of Texans committed to making living healthy easier in our great state!