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January 8, 2024

Fun and Active Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy

Family having fun jumping and being active

Week 1: Community Challenge: Let’s GO!

Do you want to ensure that your children develop healthy habits and stay active? Let’s explore some fun exercises and games that can be enjoyed as a family and encourage physical activity.  

Physical activity offers numerous benefits for children, including maintaining a healthy weight, promoting better sleep, enhancing academic performance, building strong muscles and bones, and boosting coordination and self-confidence. By dedicating the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation of 60 minutes a day to physical activity, your children will embark on a path toward lifelong health and wellness. 

Engaging in physical activities as a family strengthens bonds and creates memorable moments. It also helps unplug from screens and get outside into nature! 

 Here are some exciting games to enjoy together: 

  • Simon Says 
  • Tag 
  • Duck, Duck, Goose 
  • Hopscotch 
  • Obstacle Course: Create your own course using household objects, such as jumping over pillows and crawling under tables. The floor is lava!  
  • Family Walk: Take a walk outdoors with your family. You can choose to walk, bike, or scooter to make it more enjoyable. 

For kid-friendly exercises based on age, learn more here 

Register for Community Challenge and use these free resources to kickstart your family’s health and well-being. By promoting physical activity at an early age, your children will develop habits that will continue into adulthood.

Let’s make health a shared journey!

 Highlighting the “Discover” Feature: The More the Merrier! 

Looking for group activities near you? Look no further than the “Discover” feature! This incredible tool highlights a wide array of health-related programming happening right in your community. Hosted by our amazing partners, these activities offer the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow community members who share your health goals. 

What kind of activities can you expect? From lunchtime walking groups to invigorating Zumba sessions in the park, and even serene meditation gatherings – it’s all here! Embrace the chance to meet like-minded individuals who prioritize their well-being. 

And here’s some great news – each time you check-in to one of these awesome group activities, you’ll earn a whopping 50 points! Yes, that’s right – you’ll be racking up those points while having a blast. 


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