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January 26, 2021

Five Exercises You Can Do While Social Distancing


Finding ways to stay physically active during the pandemic has been a challenge for all of us—no matter your age, fitness level, or preference of workout.

Not only is it hard to stay motivated during these times, it’s also a challenge to figure out how to stay safe while exercising. Going to a gym may feel like playing with fate. Not getting to meet with friends for a workout may discourage you to do one at all. But that shouldn’t be the case!

This “new normal” should not stop us from being healthy or practicing self-care. We can still gather (virtually or six-feet apart) and workout without being afraid. We should always want to continue to try to be our best selves!

So, ready to get moving? Here’s our list of fun, socially-distanced activities and exercises for people of all ages!


1. Simon Says (Workout Edition)

This well-known game won’t just bring smiles to your kid’s faces, but can act as a great workout option, too! Following the rules of Simon Says; have your students or your children stand far apart (six feet at minimum) and imitate various movements of exercise such as squats, jumping jacks, and planks!

*Tip: Check out our StrongerAustin Kids program for more resources to get kids active!

2. Line Dances

If you love to dance, this is a great way to get a work out in while staying safe! Line dances aren’t typically two-person movements, so you can keep distance without making any physical contact! Some popular line dances include: Cha-Cha Slide, Electric Slide, and the Hokey Pokey!

*Tip: If you want to learn more intense line dances, check out YouTube for some free, virtual lessons!

3. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to improve flexibility, strength, and coordination. It’s offered in various levels, making it great for all ages. An individual activity, you can find virtual classes, or easily meet with friends and do a session while outside staying apart. All you need is a mat and you’re good to go!

4. Walk, Run, Bike

Going for a walk, a run, a walk/run, or riding a bike is a great way to exercise! This is another activity that can be done individually or with a friend while staying distant. Take your puppy on a walk, run to your favorite juice place and walk back, ride your bike to the store, or just go out and explore your neighborhood. If you’re going with a friend, find wide sidewalks or an open space so you can easily talk while moving and staying safe.

5. Home Workouts

Thanks to the pandemic, everything has gone virtual or is given virtually as an option. So many apps, websites, and studios now offer virtual classes or will even give free workout classes on social media pages! Figure out the type of classes you want to do (free weights, pilates, barre, stretching), make sure you have the equipment, and sign up! Creating a schedule will help you stay on task, and if you decide to pay for these classes, it will keep you motivated to actually attend.


During this time, it’s important to stay safe and healthy. Being healthy means more than just keeping distance, but being active, too! Check out the resources on our website to learn more ways to stay encouraged and stay active—like joining our 2021 Community Challenge!


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