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July 21, 2016

Living Healthier Coach Tip: Making Time for Exercise!


1There will always be things that make it difficult to make time for health and fitness in your lifestyle. Whether it’s long work hours, having to take care of the kids, or being too tired, something can always get in the way.  But when it comes to something as important as your health, making time should be a priority. The good news is managing your schedule to include time for a workout or to make a healthy meal isn’t as hard as it might seem! So here are some tips to do just that:

Start small. If you currently don’t have fitness worked into your routine, start off with the basics. Take 5-10 minutes at work everyday and walk. Anywhere. In the office, around the block, or just down the street. Then slowly build this up, because even a 30 minute walk everyday can make the biggest difference.

Prioritize. If you really think about it, how much time are you spending just sitting around watching TV and surfing the internet? And more importantly, how much of that time is just mindless activity where you’re not really paying attention? Instead of scrolling through Twitter for two hours a day, try putting the electronics down and head over to the gym!

Schedule. Not everyone can be spontaneous and work out in the 10 free minutes that randomly pop up each day. If you’re not able to do take advantage of unplanned free time, schedule your week to include a work out 4-5 days a week, and stick to the schedule. Soon it’ll become a habit to head over to the gym after work instead of dragging yourself there whenever you find yourself with a free evening.

Multitask. If you want to relax after coming home from work, or on a lazy Sunday morning, try doing some simple at home exercises while you watch your favorite show on Netflix. In fact, doing these exercises while being engaged in another activity can actually make the time pass quicker. Before you know it you’ll have done a full work out!

Make health a family activity. You don’t have to work towards a healthier lifestyle by yourself. By involving your family in health activities, you’re making sure that everyone is getting healthier and more fit. So when you want to prepare healthy meals for the week, get your kids to help out! And when you take them to play outdoors, maybe do some brisk walking and simple exercises nearby, or together! For more tips like this, call our free Living Healthier Coach Hotline


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