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November 1, 2023

Finding Ways to Put Yourself First: Getting Healthy as a Parent When Time and Energy Are Limited

Parenthood is a beautiful journey, but it can also be an incredibly demanding one. Between the school runs, work commitments, and endless to-do lists, taking care of yourself might seem like a distant dream. Rest assured, It’s Time Texas is here with game-changing strategies to help parents prioritize their well-being, even in chaos.

  1. Embrace the Power of Mini Workouts: Short on time? We get it. But here’s the deal: even little bursts of activity can add up big time. Sneak in a few squats while the pasta cooks, or do some calf raises while helping with homework. It’s not just about staying fit—it’s about keeping up your energy for all those parenting adventures.
  2. Make Mealtime Family Time: Family dinners aren’t just about the food; they’re about bonding too. Whip up nutritious meals that everyone can enjoy together. And if you’re looking for inspiration, It’s Time Texas’s resources and coaching can help you create meals that are delicious, quick, and healthy.
  3. Prioritize Quality Sleep: Yes, we know sleep is a precious commodity when you’re a parent. But trust us, it’s worth it. Prioritize getting enough sleep over checking off more to-do lists at the end of the day. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, quality sleep can boost your mood, energy, and overall well-being.
  4. Create Active Family Moments: Turn family time into active time. Take walks or bike rides together, play a game of tag in the backyard, or have dance parties in the living room. It’s not just about getting moving—it’s about making memories that everyone will cherish.
  5. Break Tasks into Bite-Sized Chunks: Does the mountain of chores feel overwhelming? Break them down into smaller tasks that fit into your day. A little progress each day can make a big difference, and you’ll still have time for family and self-care.
  6. Practice Self-Compassion: Parenting comes with its challenges, and it’s okay to cut yourself some slack. Practice self-compassion and remember that taking care of yourself makes you a better parent too.
  7. Lean on Your Support System: It takes a village, right? Don’t hesitate to ask for help or lean on your support system. Grandparents, friends, and other parents can provide a much-needed breather when things get hectic.
  8. Incorporate Mindful Moments: Sneak in moments of mindfulness throughout your day. It could be a few deep breaths, a short meditation, or simply taking a moment to savor your morning coffee.
  9. Carve Out “Me” Time: Even if it’s just a few minutes, make time for yourself. Read a book, take a bubble bath, or simply enjoy a quiet moment. It’s not selfish—it’s essential for recharging.
  10. Explore Parent-Friendly Services: Guess what? You’re not alone on this journey. It’s Time Texas is here to support parents every step of the way. You can tap into accessible and convenient virtual fitness and nutrition classes that fit into your busy schedule. These resources are designed to help you stay active and healthy while managing the demands of parenting.

So, to all you amazing parents out there, know that your well-being matters. Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll delve into the power of generational behavior change and how you can set a positive example for your loved ones.  


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