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April 25, 2016

Corpus Christi Implements Teach Healthier District-Wide!

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Corpus Christi ISD (CCISD) is taking huge strides toward improving the health of their students by implementing the Teach Healthier Mobile App across the district! Across CCISD’s 34 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, and 7 high schools, 158 coaches are integrating the app into their existing physical education curriculum.

The Teach Healthier Mobile App provides educators with free access to hundreds of nutrition and physical activity lessons through their smartphone or tablet. We developed the app with funding from SNAP-Ed and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, and in conjunction with the University of Texas School of Public Health– Austin Regional Campus. All Teach Healthier lessons align with both the TEKS and national standards.

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We began working closely with CCISD three years ago, when the district decided to update its health and physical education curriculum. When the Teach Healthier Mobile App launched in December 2014, CCISD’s School Health Advisory Council presented the app to the school board and superintendent, and proposed to implement it throughout the district. CCISD chose to implement the app because it is updated regularly, correlates well with the district’s current curriculum, and has readily accessible health and physical education TEKS-aligned lessons that are broken down by grade level and subject matter.

CCISD Health and Physical Education Specialist Richard Torres says, “The app is a great tool, and it just makes sense to implement with our various partners that are talking to our students about the importance of eating healthy, exercise, and sleep.”

Corpus Christi coaches are all expected to use the app for health lessons daily and for physical activities twice a week. To incentivize coaches to use the app, CCISD is currently budgeting to purchase an iPad for every campus in the district. In the upcoming years, CCISD plans to purchase an iPad for each coach who uses the app.

Torres says, “The coaches who are using the app love it. As coaches begin to use the app, they realize the information that it provides and the activities that help students understand health lessons.”

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CCISD Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator Nelda Jasso leads the “Breakfast Fruits & Veggies” lesson with students

Grainne Meninzor, a P.E. Coach at Haas Middle School in CCISD, says she uses the app to create lesson plans. “Going through the app, I have found that the ideas are great, and it is very well laid out and promotes exactly what is needed,” Meninzor says. During lunch, Meninzor sometimes uses the app’s ‘My Plate’ feature to discuss with students the food that they’re eating. “A lot of students have taken pictures of healthy meals they eat at home and keep in touch with me about their nutritional goals!”

We commend the entire Corpus Christi ISD administration and staff for implementing the Teach Healthier App, embracing technology and unifying their efforts to advance the health of students and families. We look forward to following along with Corpus Christi coaches as they continue to utilize the app!

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