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February 18, 2020

Community Challenge Talk: Meet Ten Inspiring Texans

Year after year, one of the things we love most about the Community Challenge is the incredible sense of camaraderie. When you’re working hard at something, it can help to know that you’re not alone in what you’re trying to accomplish. Here, participants in the 2020 Community Challenge talk about what inspired them to get involved, where it gets hard, and what keeps them going.

Marcie, Garland, TX

Years participating: 7

What inspired her to get involved: I hope to encourage more residents to be active and mindful of their health.

Favorite healthy tools & activities: I write and post my goals. I use a FitBit and come up with a variety of action plans that will encourage me to work on my goals daily, weekly, monthly.

What she finds hardest: I only get 30 minutes to eat and I have to get up extra early to workout.

What keeps her going: I want to be energized and at my physical best.

Advice for getting started: Don’t wait.  Start now.  Brainstorm all of the ways you can already make healthier choices and remember to celebrate those through daily and weekly reflections.  Get a buddy.

ITS TIME to commit and celebrate our health!

Aurora, Corpus Christi, TX

Years participating: 1

What inspired her to get involved: My school coach

Favorite healthy tools & activities: My athletics class in school and the track by my house

What’s changed for her since starting the Challenge: I’ve been drinking more water every day and as a result it’s become a habit. Now, I feel refreshed every day.

What she finds hardest: Eating healthy. (I’m trying to overcome it by not buying unhealthy foods and remembering the end goal.)

How she encourages others: By spreading the word about this program and trying to convince my friends to join

Advice for getting started: Try you’re hardest. And it’s gonna be hard. But you must remember the end goal and know you can do this—you just need to believe in yourself.

Tom, Pasadena, TX

Years participating: 2

Favorite healthy tools & activities: Playing tennis, participating in wellness challenges at work, and entering competitions

What he finds hardest: No one to hold me accountable

What keeps him going: I want to do so much in life and so I need to be healthy enough to do it.

Advice for getting started: Once you overcome the initial start, it gets much easier!

IT’S TIME to start. You don’t know what you can accomplish if you don’t try!

What the Challenge brings to his community: Hope, camaraderie, and fun!

Maria, Brownsville TX

Years participating: 4

What inspired her to get involved: Getting healthy along with my community

What she hopes to achieve in 2020: Inspire others, stay accountable, eat healthy and remain active

Favorite healthy tools & activities: Exercising about 4 times a week, bicycling my city after work, and lunch hour walks

What she finds hardest: Sweets! I have a major sweet tooth, but I try to balance. What’s the point if I can’t enjoy a donut every now and then?

What keeps her going: My two kids and their non-stop energy

Advice for getting started: You are a lot stronger than you think. You have control.

IT’S TIME to do it for YOURSELF.

Cynthia, Brownsville, TX

Years participating: 2

What inspired her to get involved: Encouragement from so many people already involved

What she finds hardest: Drinking enough water and eating vegetables. (I’m cooking more at home and staying away from Coke.)

What keeps her going: My grandchild. I want to live longer to have more time with her.

What’s changed for her since starting the Challenge: I’ve lost 11 pounds and feel lighter!

Advice for getting started: Find a walk buddy. Start out by committing to 20 minutes a day.

IT’S TIME for a heart healthy Brownsville!

Diana, Harlingen, TX

Years participating: 2

What inspired her to get involved: I want to teach my children the importance of working out

Favorite tools & activities: Playing sports with my son

What she finds hardest: Eating healthier

What keeps her going: My children

What’s changed since starting the Challenge: I feel more active and healthier

IT’S TIME for spending time with family, it’s so important!

Angela, Wilmer, TX

Years participating: 1

What inspired her to get involved: The City Mayor

What she finds hardest: Leaving foods alone

What keeps her going: Encouragement from people around me

What’s changed since starting the Challenge: Feeling healthier

Words of advice: Nothing feels better than feeling healthy

IT’S TIME To feel good and look great!!

Brad, Coppell, TX

Years participating: 3

What inspired him to get involved: Testimonies from other community members

What he hopes to achieve in 2020: Drink more water, be more active and adopt a healthier lifestyle

What he finds hardest: Work life and home life balance

What keeps him going: My kids!

Advice for getting started: If not now, when? The time is NOW!

What the Challenge brings to his community: A supportive way to manage weight and develop healthier habits

Dana, Houston, TX

Years participating: 2

What she hopes to achieve in 2020: I hope to meet my goals of eating healthier and drinking more water.

Favorite healthy tools & activities: School events, community events, and my family.

What she finds hardest: My greatest challenge is being consistent when I encounter stressful situations in life.

What keeps her going: I try to stay motivated by focusing on the end goal, being healthy.

Advice for getting started: Stay focused. Don’t give up if you fail one day, take baby steps, one day at a time.

What the Community Challenge brings to her community: A chance to join others who can encourage.

Bertha, Los Fresnos, TX (Two-time top points earner!)

Years participating: 4

What she hopes to achieve in 2020: Staying active and eating healthy

Favorite tools & activities: All the activities the city provides

What she finds hardest: Eating healthy

What keeps her motivated: My family, they’re my world

Advice for getting started: Do it for yourself first of all and do it for the people you love the most. Any activity and healthy decision you make today is a small step for tomorrow.

IT’S TIME to join this awesome challenge. It’s amazing to see the community coming together for a better life.

Now Is the Time

With two weeks still to go in the 2020 Community Challenge, there’s no better time than now to join. Start small. Start with today. You might be surprised by what you can accomplish when you put your health first.

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