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February 25, 2015

Community Challenge Spotlight: Round Rock!

Austin’s next door neighbor, Round Rock, may get overshadowed by the Capital often, but they have earned more points than the city of Austin for the Community Challenge thus far! Round Rock is dominating the Large City bracket for both the overall Challenge and the School District competition, which comes to a close this Saturday.

Round Rock Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores challenged his city, particularly the school community, to step up in a big way:

“In Round Rock ISD, we are so blessed to have a Superintendent, School Board and Administrative Team that understand the importance and benefits of leading a healthy life, and support all we are doing to promote this throughout our schools,” said Susan Nix, Assistant Athletic Director in Round Rock ISD. Susan has rallied teachers and families to get moving since day 1 of the Challenge.

She shared, “My vision for our school district and community is to be the model for all other districts and communities to follow, and the H-E-B Community Challenge is a way for us to showcase all of the great things our campuses are doing to promote health and wellness for all students, staff and community members.” This isn’t just a four-month sprint for Round Rock ISD, it’s a year-round commitment to health, and a constant priority. Thank you Round Rock, for setting the bar high. You’re even making the Capital City look bad; Austinites need to get on your level!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.12.03 AM
Round Rock Healthy Selfies! 

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