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January 20, 2015

Community Challenge Spotlight: Georgetown

Georgetown won the Community Challenge in the Mid-Size bracket in 2013, and they’re already stepping up this year, so we asked them to reveal their strategy! Misha Lee, certified fitness instructor, wellness coach and city wellness committee member at the City of Georgetown Recreation Center, was happy to share!

Misha explained, “The epicenter is our Parks and Rec Department. We share Challenge information on our facebook page and send out emails to our employees to get the word out.  We hope to engage our schools by sending out an explanation of the February School Challenge, as well!”

Backing up a bit, we asked Misha why the Challenge is so important to her and her city. “The H-E-B Community Challenge is a positive way to get the word out about living a healthier lifestyle. I have seen the positive changes that living a healthy lifestyle can have for others.  These changes range from weight loss, getting off prescriptions, to people having more mobility and a more vibrant outlook on life.  For this, I am truly grateful and inspired to continue to share this fun and motivating Challenge with others!”

Tip: Misha loves bringing IT’S TIME TEXAS Shout Out Cards to health fairs every year! She recalls from past fairs, “I could see their goals and plans start to become realities, when they would take the time to write them down on the Shout Out Cards for a photo. Priceless!”

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.09.41 PM

Georgetown already has a couple of events planned that go hand-in-hand with the Challenge: a Cupid’s Chase Race on Sat. Feb 7 @ 8am with a Community Challenge booth, and a Zombie Bootcamp hosted by the city library at 2PM on that day for Zombie enthusiasts! Georgetown also uses the Challenge as part of their city employee wellness program!

Don’t get too comfortable in the lead, San Angelo!

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