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January 25, 2016

Community Challenge Spotlight: Corpus Christi!

The 2016 Community Challenge is far from over, and Texans in Corpus Christi are busy fighting for the prize! Corpus Christi currently sits in third place in the metro division, behind San Antonio and Austin, but Mayor Nelda Martinez is eager to get the community ahead in the Challenge and is excited about health.

“The Community Challenge provides a unique and fun way for Corpus Christi to unite in celebration of healthy living,” Mayor Martinez says. “It also helps us spotlight and recognize the many schools, organizations and motivated individuals working hard to make Corpus Christi one of the healthiest communities in the state!”

Mayor Martinez 2

Mayor Martinez read a proclamation declaring Corpus Christi a formidable competitor in this year’s Community Challenge and encouraging all residents to join the Challenge, but that’s not where the city’s involvement ends. Stacie Talbert Anaya, Assistant Director of the Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department and liaison to the Mayor’s Fitness Council, says that Corpus Christi schools, organizations, community groups, and businesses in the city are already on board. The Mayor’s Fitness Council is even planning a hometown Challenge event on February 7 with the city’s Marina Arts District called the Harbor Bridge Walk, in which participants will walk up and over the bridge together to earn points for the Community Challenge!


Talbert Anaya, who has been personally involved in the Community Challenge for three years now and logs her own workouts and pounds lost, said the competition is about more than just winning for the community.

“Corpus Christi struggles with the impact of chronic disease on our residents, families, and entire community,” Talbert Anaya said. “The #CommunityChallenge is important for what it can do for us beyond the title and bragging rights. It’s important to spark a long term commitment to living well.”

Corpus Christ Baker Middle   Corpus Christi Parks

With a motivated mayor supported by a strong Mayor’s Fitness Council, and inspired groups and individuals, Corpus Christi is sure to make their mark on the 2016 Community Challenge and pose a threat to the other metros. Like Talbert Anaya says, “IT’S TIME for the healthy choice to be the easy choice for all Texans!”
Keep up the amazing work, Corpus Christi!

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