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February 16, 2015

Community Challenge Spotlight: Alvarado!

Alvarado has been in the lead in the Extra Small city bracket since day one! They may be “Extra Small”, but they’re extra mighty when it comes to the Challenge. Community member (and Healthy Selfie queen) Cyndi Yaegar filled us in on the city’s strategy!

We’re bringing awareness to the community and uniting as many sectors as we can. Churches are challenging other churches, businesses are encouraging healthier workplace lunches, and schools are teaching kids to be healthy and active.” Alvarado has woven the Challenge into their School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) annual goals for the past three years, and students from pre-K through 12th grade complete monthly Challenge journals documenting their healthy eating and minutes of physical activity per day, which are reviewed by P.E. teachers on each school campus!

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We asked Cyndi why she is so personally committed to the Challenge. “I’m a very competitive person, especially when being recognized for something positive! I’m also challenged by my daughter to get fit and healthy. Her New Year’s resolution is to help us be more active, get fit and drink lots of water. It’s tough having a ten-year-old coach!”

Alvarado has a long list of campus and community activities planned, including free cooking classes, Run-in-the-Park Days, Zumba and Boot Camp in the city park, church announcements, and a healthy recipe of the week posted on the city’s website!

If an “Extra Small” city is achieving all of this in just three months and uniting their whole community, larger cities have no excuse not to step up!


Cyndi having a healthy lunch with members of the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce! 

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