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February 10, 2020

Community Challenge Hacks: Intern Edition

It’s Time Texas intern Jaelyn Valero shares how to get 800 points a day in the 2020 Community Challenge

Over the past few weeks, our support inbox has received a lot of questions on how to be a tough competitor in the Community Challenge – especially when you’re working with limited hours in the day.

As a fulltime student and intern with It’s Time Texas, I understand what it’s like to always be on the go while trying to keep up with your fitness and nutrition (not to mention logging all those healthy selfies). Luckily, my time here has taught me a few things about how to maximize your points-earning potential in the Community Challenge.

Below, I share my insider tips for getting through a busy day while still making time for the healthy activities that add up to big points in the 2020 Community Challenge (800 points to be exact).

Let’s get started.

Morning Yoga Session – 50 points

Mornings are tough. Especially after a long night of studying or working. A quick 15 minute yoga session always gives my day a great start that boosts my energy, mood, and gives me 50 points! I am no yogi though, so I rely heavily on YouTube to supply me with yoga knowledge.

Here’s my favorite 15-minute beginner Yoga session:

Breakfast Healthy Selfie – 50 points

Breakfast is simple. It’s healthy and doesn’t take too much time; two eggs, and a handful of spinach. Sometimes I’ll throw in an English muffin. Then I snap a pic, and have my first healthy picture for the day and 50 points!

Water Consumption Healthy Selfie – 50 points

In order to keep up with my hydration I always keep a water bottle at my desk. This is a points-earning activity! I’m going to take a picture of my water bottle and upload it to the healthy selfie category for 50 points.

Healthy Group Activity – 500 points

I have now just finished lunch and have asked fellow interns, Emily and Analise, to take a walking break with me around the office building. It’s a short fifteen minute walk that boosts energy, gets the blood flowing through the legs, and also earns me 500 points!

Walking the dog Healthy Selfie – 50 points

After I get home from work I take my dog for a walk, which I can snap a picture of for 50 points!

Quick Cardio Session – 50 points

I always have time before dinner for a quick 15 minute cardio session. Sometimes I run, or I follow a 15 minute video on youtube. Here is one of my favorites:

Water Consumption – 50 points

It is now the end of the day and I am pretty happy with how much water I’ve consumed. Because I keep the same 32oz water bottle with me, I know to refill it in the middle of the day to get the recommended 8 cups of water a day. I’ll log 64oz of water under the water consumption category for 50 points!

I’ve now ended my busy Monday having gained 800 Community Challenge points, with no disruption to the tasks that I usually have to get done during a busy week day.

I know that if I log my water consumption, get a few healthy selfies, one group activity, and at least 15 minutes of fitness 2x a day, I am guaranteed 800 points for the day. This makes me a pretty good competitor, and keeps me on top of my health!

Ready to give these hacks a try? Head over to to start logging those points!

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