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March 6, 2015

Choose Healthier Provider Spotlight: FinkFit!

Paul Fink’s home studio in the Hill Country is a fitness oasis. With an indoor studio for personal training, and and outdoor space for his group bootcamp classes, Paul has truly devoted his home to creating a supportive, tight-knit fitness family. Paul’s goal, like many of our wonderful providers, is to create a space people want to keep coming back to, where they can celebrate their victories and fall in love with a healthy lifestyle. “I enjoy seeing people’s changes over time, from the aches and pains when they start with me or just the lack of energy to getting stronger, bigger, and more confident. It is a slow process but I like to see that change in people. If the entire state changed like that, it would be great.”

 DSC_8766 (1)

Paul has always been athletic. With a martial arts upbringing, he had his black belt at age 12! When he worked in an office for 11 years, sitting for 8 hours a day was mentally exhausting for him. “I had a blessing in disguise come along when I got laid off and got into the training business full time. I had always been a martial arts instructor on the side…” Paul explained. Paul’s bootcamp classes are very personalized; what gets worked on “just depends on the mood we are in” that day! Paul is SGX certified and also trains people for Spartan racing every Sunday.

 Paul is excited that the Choose Healthier app can help him promote his hidden gem training facility, and he’s also excited that it provides his current clients with additional fun activities and options. “That is one of the things about exercise. You want to create a habit that you can build upon, but you also want to do different things to keep it exciting and fun!” If you’re looking for a personal trainer or a small workout family to join, check out FinkFit and meet our friend Paul!


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