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February 21, 2018

Choose Healthier Partner Spotlight: Iron Tiger Gym in Smithville

Heather and Luis Bosch

Heather and Luis Bosch, the owners of Iron Tiger Gym in Smithville, Texas, have labored to build the city’s only 24-hour access fitness facility. They offer their members a 3,000 square foot facility of high quality cardiovascular and strength machines, as well as a fully equipped free weight area.

The Bosch’s each share a passion for healthy living and strive to help each of their members live easy, active, and happy lives. Day-in and day-out they work tirelessly to provide the community of Smithville, and especially their members, with a facility that has just the right mix of support, care, encouragement, and accountability to attain any goal.  Whether it is a beginner who lacks the strength or stamina to do simple day-to-day tasks, a competitive lifter who needs that extra edge, or anything in-between, Iron Tiger Gym is for everyone.  

According to the Heather and Luis, “Our instruction is incredibly thorough as this ensures the fastest, safest way for a client to make progress towards their goal. Every client can also expect to progress at their speed.” Additionally, “we strive to change a client’s way of thinking about health in all its aspects. The benefits become apparent and speak for themselves once a client establishes good habits. We make it fun, motivating and educational.”  No matter the speed at which one might progress, a client of Iron Tiger Gym can expect a friendly, professional, knowledgeable motivator that can help them reach whatever goal they have.

Iron Tiger Gym

Along with providing a safe, no judgment workout space and excellent coaching, Iron Tiger Gym is actively engaged in the Smithville community.  For example, it has partnered with the Smithville Community Clinic and its diabetic outreach program to provide free group fitness classes, while also promoting the Smithville Whole Heart Partnership and Community Gardens.  

Additionally, Iron Tiger Gym believes in the work that It’s Time Texas completes and is a supporter of It’s Time Texas’ initiatives. The Bosch’s believe that tools such as the Choose Healthier app can, “Provide resources that [we] might not be able to provide. Some people are uncomfortable asking for help so an app may allow them to search for info in a non-threatening way, at their convenience. It may be just what they need to get them motivated to come to the gym for a visit.”  

Along with supporting the Choose Healthier app, Iron Tiger Gym serves as a catalyst in getting people in the Smithville community signed up and active in the It’s Time Texas Community Challenge.  As an incentive, Iron Tiger Gym plans to give away a one-year free membership to the person with the most points in the Smithville community.

When all is said and done, the driving force behind Iron Tiger Gym is simple, “We want to help our community better understand how they can have an enhanced, healthier lifestyle by utilizing the facility that we have provided.”

Download the Choose Healthier mobile app for free through the App Store or Google Play, or visit to find more amazing healthy opportunities and businesses like Iron Tiger Gym in your community.

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