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Choose Healthier | August 24, 2015

Choose Healthier Coach Tip: School Lunches!


If fresh fruits and veggies put a pinch on your wallet, try a trip through the grocery store’s frozen section! These items last much longer than fresh produce, and they often cost a good deal less. If you’re careful, you can also look through the canned foods section, and select fruits in 100% fruit juice or vegetables stored in “no salt added” or “low sodium” containers.

Overwhelmed by the cost of meat? Try adding more beans, eggs, and peas to your diet. Like meat, these less expensive options have lots of protein, which means they’ll keep your belly full and your brain and muscles happy throughout the day.

A huge money and health-saving tip is to replace all sugary drinks with water. With all the money you save with this trick, you can buy yourself & your family a few reusable water bottles for the road!

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