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April 19, 2016

Can’t Concentrate This Afternoon? You Might Be Dehydrated.


It’s one of those things you’ve been lectured to about more times than you can remember, but staying hydrated is an essential for your health, and being dehydrated can come with some very unfortunate and unexpected side effects.  

unspecified-4Mood and energy changes:

The fix for your afternoon crash might be hidden in your office water jug.  

Your brain is extremely sensitive to dehydration, and when you don’t get enough fluids, it sets off an alarm system that changes your energy and mood and leads to fatigue and a lack of concentration. Be sure to incorporate a few glasses of water to your morning coffee routine for a boost of energy and concentration.



Studies show that those sensitive to migraines are also more sensitive to dehydration.  Water helps deliver oxygen, electrolytes, and
blood to the brain.  Depriving your noggin of the water it needs to function can result in moderate to severe headaches.  If you find yourself taking a few ibuprofen to knock out that headache, try drinking a few bottles of water to help combat the pain.

unspecified-5Skin problems:  

When your skin isn’t getting enough water, it compensates by creating excess oil that can clog pores.  Dehydrated skin can also be painful and irritated, sometimes feeling tight and itchy.  If moisturizers and acne products don’t seem to do enough, try supplementing them with a bottle or two of water every day.

So go fill your bottle up, right now!

Staying hydrated is more than just a healthy living term.  Staying hydrated is essential to improving the way you feel every day.  Every single part of your amazing and wonderful body needs water to work at its best.  Take care of it, and it will take care of you!


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