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February 6, 2015

Where the Apps Work Together: YES! Youth Fitness


This Choose Healthier Provider Spotlight is very special to us, because it shows how a community organization can utilize both of our free mobile apps to support and promote their wonderful programs. YES! Youth Fitness (located on 183 in North Austin,) is a franchise with multiple Texas locations (soon expanding to Kansas and Oklahoma as well,) that was created to encourage youth and their families to become more fit and active. YES! offers a variety of classes in a colorful, turf-covered space that made us want to run (and roll) around as soon as we walked in!

One very unique offering at YES! is their Crusader program on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, designed for anyone with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Crusader classes teach balance, flexibility, motor skills, strength and endurance in an extremely supportive environment. Crusader Instructor Cory Zimmerman worked in behavioral therapy for 2 years prior to joining the YES! team. “That experience allowed me to develop the Crusaders program into an all-inclusive physical activity routine that encourages physical and emotional skill building,” Cory explained. “I believe it is through this type of interactions that we have seen significant improvement in every person in the program.  They have not only learned how to move their bodies more efficiently, but also how to interact and build relationships with others more appropriately!”


In addition to the Crusader program, YES! Fitness offers a Homeschool P.E. program, and they are integrating our Teach Healthier app into the new curriculum! Instructor Alli Markham told us, “I love the simplicity and user-friendly interface on the Teach Healthier app. With the revamp of our Homeschool P.E. classes, we will be using the app as homework to earn extra YES! Honeybucks and school credit! Each parent will download the Teach Healthier app, and kids love taking their parents’ phones to play the games!”


We love that YES! is using Teach Healthier to get students and families moving and learning together, and with their classes reaching new families through Choose Healthier, YES! is harnessing the power of both apps to grow a healthier next generation of Texans.

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