Collaborative Innovations for Community Health

In 2021 and 2022, and through the generosity of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® grant, It’s Time Texas awarded 13 sub-grants to community-based organizations who were able to mobilize and rapidly deploy resources within six designated areas of Texas. This critical funding supported the delivery of effective programs and services improved critical health outcomes and addressed root causes of health disparities, removed barriers to access, and advanced community conditions for health and wellness.

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Grantee Impact

State of Texas
Individuals reached through grantees' projects and programming
Funding awarded to 13 grantees in two-years
Individuals received health info and education to help improve long-term health habits
Addressed immediate food security and provided food access to over 13,000 individuals

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“GALS is honored to be a part of the Collaborative Innovations for Community Health. This funding allows GALS Birthworkers to provide crucial basic needs support impacting whole family systems, and allows us to increase the number of visits each family receives before and after birth—thus further improving birth outcomes from under-resourced Central Texans.”– Dominique Adeniyi, Certified Doula – Birth Programs Coordinator of GALS
Giving Austin Labor Support representative and a mother
Giving Austin Labor Support Volunteers posing for a photo
Giving Austin Labor Support representative holding a newborn baby

“The reality is, we are more than just a market. We are a meeting place for community members. A safe space where everyone feels included and can come and exchange ideas and broaden horizons. That’s why we have our programming. We are a weekly platform to connect and promote health and food access for everyone in Galveston County.”

– Casey McAuliffe, Executive Director
A volunteer from Galveston's Own Farmers Market working in a garden
A woman holding a Galveston's Own Farmers Market sticker
Three adults wearing Galveston's Own Farmers Market aprons at a local farmers market
“Thanks to the incredible support from It’s Time Texas and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, our award-winning CHEF program will reach every K-8th grade student in the San Antonio ISD in the Fall of 2022. Designed to drive healthy eating and impact the rates of diet-related disease in San Antonio, CHEF teaches nutrition education and practical cooking skills to children and families.”– Suzanne Feldmann, Founder and President/CEO of CHEF® (Culinary Health Education for Families)
An elementary student showing off a heart-shaped healthy meal
CHEF volunteers smiling for a photo
An elementary student smiling with a healthy meal

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